Limited Edition Naruto box

31 10 2008

I just got home from late shopping (although, the time is only about half past six here, right now … maybe not so late after all) after having had dinner with my brother and his girlfriend (they had just come to Stockholm for a day to get visas – they’re going to China without me!) and, as usual, I got home with lots of new manga and stuff. Today, the biggest item on my shopping list was the Naruto Limited Edition box containing volumes one through twenty-seven, a double-sided poster (folded and therefore ruined) that I haven’t really checked out yet and probably won’t use (because, as mentioned earlier, it is folded and therefore ruined) and a special Naruto booklet; whatever is in it I don’t know because I haven’t checked that out either. More than the Naruto box I got volumes two through six of D.Gray-man, volume nine of Katekyou Hitman REBORN! (or simply Reborn!) and volumes one of the following series: MÄR, Nora, B Ichi and Elemental Gelade. Seeing as I already had maybe twenty volumes of different series to read, after adding thirty-seven new volumes, again of different series, I probably won’t be able to say, “I’ve got nothing fun to do,” for quite a while. Unless I spend all night reading it all – but I don’t think even I could pull that off; at least not while still interested.

I’d give you some pictures if I had some; however, I do still not own a working camera. And no, I am not a narutard – just a regular old (although, not old) otaku.

EDIT: There also was a Limited Edition box like the Naruto one for Bleach and Death Note; however, I am currently collecting all the Death Note volumes a few at a time and I’m almost half way to getting them all and the Bleach volumes offered in the Limited Edition box I had just bought when I noticed the box that, besides containing a few extra Limited Edition items, cost almost 1000 SEK less than what I had just payed, purchasing all the volumes only a few at a time at several occasions. That’s the reason, actually, that I got the Naruto box for almost 1500 SEK, saving even more than 1000 SEK (actually making up for buying the Bleach volumes at different times) – and that’s my absolute proof that I am, in fact, not a narutard.


Elemental Gelade

30 10 2008

I just watched episode one of Elemental Gelade and it looks like a promising show. It’s not new and it’s finished. I’m going to continue on this anime and I think you should all check it out as well. ^^

EDIT: As you can read about in the following post (“Limited Editon Naruto box“), I have now gotten volume one of the manga as well, so now I’ll probably be the reading the manga as well – if it is good enough.

Fable II

30 10 2008

I came home yesterday and since I have only been playing Fable II. IT’S GREAT! It’s like an epic single-player MMORPG! What is that, you say? Well, isn’t it obvious? It’s Fable! I don’t have more time to waste writing, I have to continue playing, so get the game yourself as well and PLAY AWAY YOUR HOURS!

I’m currently playing on the good path, it feels more right (-eous, of course). I will play an evil assasin or mad man when I’ve finished the game once, because I don’t think that will stop me from playing it again.

I’ve only slept about four hours tonight …

Haircut and delay

29 10 2008

I got a haircut. Just got home from the hair salon, actually. It was cold outside so I had to run all the way home to keep warm. And of course, I won’t be home at the end of this week – I will have to stay here at least one more week three more weeks. SHIT! That’s all for now, folks. See you later!

Oh yeah! I was not as satisfied as I could have been by my new haircut, but it will look better a few showers … I hope.

High School is a musical

28 10 2008

Well, at least High School Musical is. CG and the guys dragged me to watch High School Musical 3: Senior Year and it was … okay. I would’ve (probably) appreciated it more if there wasn’t some shitty kids just laughing at exactly everything all the time, but, you know … don’t ask the impossible.

My rating:  

The death of Hare Hare Yukai

27 10 2008

I was browsing through YouTube, not trying to find the video 2 girls 1 cup (seriously, don’t watch that one) and I found this video and I sure wasn’t happy about it.

When I tried to embed the YouTube video the site stopped functioning correctly – or at all – so here is a link instead: You can find the higher quality version of the video here (although, is there actually any quality change?).


27 10 2008

Tonight was movie night. Again. We watched Juno and ate snacks. That’s it.    (If I had rated it while watching it, I probably would’ve just given it  , though.)