Toradora! – Episode 1

4 10 2008

This is the second of four new anime shows I picked up today, all of them new this autumn. Unlike the artwork and story of Casshern Sins (read previous entry) I really loved all about this show! Toradora! has great art (that also resembles the art of one of my other favorite shows, Katekyo Hitman REBORN!) and, even though the ending suggests it is a developing harem story which I usually don’t like (To LOVEる has it’s moments though), has a great story so far and will hopefully stick to it. Right?

Anyway, unlike Casshern Sins (unless you’re a huge fan of bug-eyed robot-men in white tights no matter the story or progress), Toradora! is a complete must-see, and if you don’t you will probably end up regretting it all your life. So do yourself a favor, and at least check it out! I hope you, as well as I did, will like love it. :)

Summary and idiotic comments.

So, the anime starts with two cute birds (unlike the parrot we’ll meet later …) on an electrical wire (right?). It’s a cute scene until they get shocked and fall, grilled, to the ground.

“I don’t like my new hairstyle. >_>;”

And as if it weren’t enough he has awesome blue hair, he has the hottest mom ever as well. I wonder if the fact that she’s your mother would ruin seeing even her naked after a shower or by whatever twist of fate …

No, it wouldn’t. She’s not only the hottest mom ever, but she is also the cutest mom ever. GAH!! That’s unfairness for you (one of the reasons I usually hate harem anime).

Too bad she’s a prostitute …

… and formerly married to this love-to-hate lecherous guy.

Can’t you see it’s driving your son insane?


Oh yeah, an extra from Akira has sneaked into this production as well.

Oh my … GOD! Unfairness to real life strikes again!

Now I’m almost getting mad but the tears in her eyes make my unable to.

Initiating moe … please wait …

Otaku love for the win! MOE!

Otaku love for the win, yeah. Exactly. To be honest, harem anime is unfair to real life (I just can’t stress that enough). No wonder otakus develops into sociopath hikikomoris that only waste their time watching lolicon hentai and porn … Ah, who cares, we only have one life to ruin socially, right? (Stay away from harem anime at least one week every two months and you should be alright. I pray.)
Enough joking (although it lies some truth in it), it’s time for you guys who haven’t already to watch Toradora! episode 1 NOW! Okay? Do we have a deal? No we don’t! Just watch it, alright?

…. I’m tired.

P.S. I’m also gonna try and watch Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka and Hyakko before next day comes, but I won’t write anything about them (meaning I will). See you! ^^




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