D.Gray-man is put on hiatus … again

19 11 2008

Once again the manga D.Gray-man, published in Weekly Shonen Jump, is once again put on hiatus, this time due to the author Katsura Hoshino’s bad health. No date (not even an estimate) has been set for the manga’s continuation yet and how long this sorrowful streak will go on is just a wait-and-see game, for now.

So far you can get your hands on eleven volumes of the D.Gray-man manga in English out of the so far 16 volumes made. IMHO, D.Gray-man is one of the best manga I’ve ever read, so don’t let the word “exorcist” stop you from reading it, if it sounds weird. It is not religious like that, it’s just plainly awesome.




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22 12 2008

I’m so sad about this. The anime stopped first and now the manga…I hear it’s because she drinks too much and doesn’t get her work in on time. This is killing me, I want to know what happens in the next arc so bad!!! >:O

30 12 2008

Gah! I only picked up the first couple volumes yesterday because the book store clerk told me about Katsura’s injuries! After reading the first two volomes, I’m ready to run back there and buy the rest!

Katsura, please get better soon. Not just for your fans, or for yourself as an author, but for yourself as a person.

Don’t go spreading rumors, please.

12 01 2009

Exactly what happened to Katsura-sama? One minute u hear she’s sick, the next she’s injured (Chiyodayo i find it hard to believe that she’s a drinker, we WOULD see it in her art…The drawing style would be a bit different, not as clean….some one who does or did art would b ably to tell)

15 01 2009

I know what ya’ll mean….I’m still waiting for the continuation. I have a feeling that if they don’t do something soon, in America we have only five more volumes to go, that Katsura will probably have to start a new series for D.Gray-man like Beauty Pop did.

A direct continuation but with a different name….sucks to be us….I wish I was a manga artist…..darn!!!!!

But this is kinda like Yuu Watase, I don’t know if she continued her Fuushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden series but I know she made a whole new series out….and no one is talking about that!! So lets hope I’m wrong and the Fuushigi Yugi series is still in effect and that Katsura will continue the series within the year or hoping, by spring.


18 01 2009

Well I don’t intend on giving up on either the manga or anime, and hope that the same goes for Hoshino too. This story is just too great to give up on, and continues to intrigue us all as to what will become of the characters to the very end.

30 05 2009

i agree on TheRamenDon,Hal,*depressed*,and*Distured*…
im dying while waiting im so excited on the next episodes and on the manga….
get well so!!!….

13 07 2009

why oh why did it have to go on Hiatus…. again? And just when it was getting to the critical moments of the anime/manga, this has to happen 0.0 Just my luck…well, if she is indeed injured or sick like the rumors say, I hope she gets well soon.

3 01 2011

what now? its 2011 already.
the episodes will never come out again? did the artist die?

4 09 2011

Geez I think its on hiatus again.. just read vol 22 but no more are coming out -___-

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