Baby cause of Kimi ni Todoke hiatus

21 01 2009

I really should write about things as soon as I find out, but well, this way you get lots of news the days I write… right?

Karuho Shiina, author of Kimi ni Todoke, takes a break from being a mangaka to become a mother. In place of the Kimi no Todoke manga, the magazine Bessatsu Margaret will feature a new story on Kimi no Todoke by Sanae Shimokawa starting with their March issue shipping on the 13th February; however, the story will not be in manga form but as simple text, like a book.

Sawako Kuronuma and friends.

Sawako Kuronuma and friends.

Will little baby Shiino be a mangaka too, in her latter days, you think? A family of manga authors… could be fun?

Source: Mainichi Mantan via Anime News Network




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18 05 2009

Will she be coming back to finish the manga?

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