Kingdom Hearts

21 01 2009

I recently discovered Tradera, an auction site, part of eBay (it says), and now I’m addicted to auctioning! Actually, I didn’t just discover it recently, but I’ve never been a member and done auctions before. Anyway, I made some bids on a few items and now I have won Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II for the PlayStation 2, a new PlayStation 2 (how can I else play? XD), a DVD of Kino’s Journey (キノの旅 -the Beautiful World-; kino no tabi -the beautiful world-) and the complete Tales of Phantasia series (based on the game Tales of Phantasia) on one DVD disc. All for very low prices, of course! Oh yeah, I also got my hands on Final Fantasy VII and I can’t wait to play it! The reason I decided to get the Kingdom Hearts games, really, was because I love Final Fantasy and Square/Square Enix so much – and, of course, ’cause everyone always says how great they are. I just hope I won’t immediately throw it away when Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse shows up… I really hate Disney! (Don’t get mad at that comment, I’m just being honest. If you dislike me disliking Disney, just ignore it or I will simply delete your comments. And who knows, maybe Kingdom Hearts may change my opinion. I don’t really think so, though…)


Kingdom Hearts cover




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22 01 2009
Rice Bunny

YOU recently discovered? Wow… funny, as I recall it I told you about Tradera after that you couldn’t find KH, which I also helped you with :P Otherwise that KH package would have been mine.

22 01 2009

@Rice Bunny: Actually, I discovered it long time ago, but I wasn’t interested, then you linked an auction, I became a member and won the auction. I knew about the site before you told me, but yes, it was thanks to you that I became a member. Although, it’s hard thanking someone when they’re mad at you… >_>

21 08 2014
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