Hello everybody! みんなげんき―!

My name is Martin. My most usual online nickname or handle is Rukishou, but I have used many different ones over the years such as Kesshomaru and Makkun (actually my previous mangaka pen name). The name I use when drawing manga is not my real name nor my handle Rukishou, but Yokaze, meaning night wind. I live in Sweden (always have), going the last year of obligatory school. One of my dreams have long now been moving to Japan after school, studying Japanese (not knowing that I would probably be fluent by that time) and becoming a professional mangaka. I don’t really want to be only a mangaka though, I want a more job job too, but maybe that’s too hard, doing both …
Anyway, it’s more than three years left until I finish school so I can plan more as the time approaches. ^^

I first saw anime when I was a little kid, too small to really remember it that well now, watching Sailor Moon on TV4. Later, Pokémon and even Digimon started airing (dubbed again *shiver-shiver*) and I watched those as well.
As I got a few years older I went into a bookstore with my dad and found a book that caught my eye: the manga Dragonball. I started reading the comic, buying all the books, and then, in the end of one volume, I first read the word “manga.” I didn’t really understand what it meant, nor did I care at the time, but after a while I had gotten interested in manga (I really don’t remember the details between this …) and started reading all manga that got published in Sweden. After a few years manga started to get quite popular in Sweden and more companies started giving out more manga and it got harder to read them all (not-so-good comics came too, so I didn’t even want to get them all anymore). Now I mostly only buy books in English and, from time to time, Japanese.

If anywhere in the text above it seems like I stopped writing and started again three weeks later without reading what was written before, it’s because I can’t concentrate or focus for too long. I’m sorry for that, please try not to be bothered by it.

When you wish upon a star...

When you wish upon a star... (Eureka Seven)


P.S. If you want to know more about me, get to know me and ask or send me a mail. You can see a list of ways to contact me over at the contact page.


3 responses

10 10 2008

Lol mate!
You are nearly allmost like me! Except the japanese-speaking part (i want to learn japanese but I ain’t so good at it for the moment!).
This is my first comment on your blog as I promised you to follow and read your blog on MSN >_<!
Atleast I know what Aegoga means! (but i don’t really know how to spell it XD)

1 04 2009
Jaku-chan ;)

Hey man, My background on starting reading manga and becomeing a mangaka is almost the same as mine! :O we saw the same animes, read the same first manga etc.etc. ^^
And ofc, I’m also svenne(swedish in a harrish way) :D
I whould like to have a couple of conversations with you, it may not be possible to do it face to face, but we can always chat with eatchother :)
I’ll give you my hotmail: Faintinglife@hotmail.com
cheers, your friend Jack :P

1 04 2009
Jaku-chan ;)

oopsy, I meant: YOUR background* xD
My bad ^.^”

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