Tomoko Ninomiya discontinues Nodame Cantabile

22 01 2009

Tomoko Ninomiya, author of Nodame Cantabile, again takes a break because of her carpal tunnel syndrome, causing muscle weakness in her arms, after the previous on-hold that was due to her being pregnant with her son October, 2008, the same time the symptoms first appeared. I don’t follow Nodame Cantabile myself, but I hope Tomoko will become better as soon as possible! Is CTS curable, though? I don’t know… I hope it is.

Get well soon, Tomoko-chan!

Get well soon, Tomoko-chan!

Source: Oricon


Baby cause of Kimi ni Todoke hiatus

21 01 2009

I really should write about things as soon as I find out, but well, this way you get lots of news the days I write… right?

Karuho Shiina, author of Kimi ni Todoke, takes a break from being a mangaka to become a mother. In place of the Kimi no Todoke manga, the magazine Bessatsu Margaret will feature a new story on Kimi no Todoke by Sanae Shimokawa starting with their March issue shipping on the 13th February; however, the story will not be in manga form but as simple text, like a book.

Sawako Kuronuma and friends.

Sawako Kuronuma and friends.

Will little baby Shiino be a mangaka too, in her latter days, you think? A family of manga authors… could be fun?

Source: Mainichi Mantan via Anime News Network

Peach-Pit is back in action

19 01 2009

Peach-Pit, the great mangaka duo made up of Banri Sendo and Shibuko Ebara, is, as the title states, back in action since going on hiatus due to suddenly falling ill last month with Rozen Maiden, Shugo Chara! and Zombie-Loan continuing serialization in their respective magazines. I’m a huge fan of Peach-Pit and I’m really glad they’re not ill anymore and that their manga will be continued like they should. On their official website, the duo apologizes to all their fans and the people they have made worry and thanks all those who sent them “get well” messages and more. Don’t worry about it!

Amu from Shugo Chara! in her different forms.

Amu from Shugo Chara! in her different forms.

Source: Peach Pit’s official website

UppCon:09 aftermath

18 01 2009

I’m home from UppCon:09 in Uppsala, Sweden, and I’ve got some stuff with me! Not that amazing stuff, maybe, but at least it’s something necessary in every home. Of course I have pictures of everything I purchased (actually no, I miss pictures of Busou Renkin volumes two through five and a Manga Techniques book about screen tone) and I have finally finished adding watermarks to them – this time without other watermarks as well (lol) – using my new blog watermark which states the new title 「夜風記」 rather than the old one 「夜風の所」. You can find a gallery with some of the pictures at the end of this post and you can visit for pictures from the actual convention (just click the image with the title “UppCon:09” underneath it; I wonder if I’m in any pics). Now, time for my convention diary, or whatever I should call it – it’s not like I actually kept a diary or something…

Three more gunplas for my bookshelf. How will I have room for any more?

Three more gunplas for my bookshelf. How will I have room for any more?

Last week: I packed a few necessary things like a sleeping bag and a pillow for extra comfort and let the days go by. January 15, my friend who was also going to attend her first convention ever (UppCon:09, just like me) bought tickets for several of us who were going to travel up to Uppsala together.

Day 1: The 16th January was here and I hadn’t slept a second the past night, and I still hadn’t packed non-necessary things such as a pad to draw on and my nearly empty iPod (which, of course, I forgot next to my computer when I left), so I got up (from the computer chair), grabbed my bag and added a few manga volumes, my white Nintendo DS Lite (I did not use it anything the entire weekend, though) and a few other things, put on some socks, and waited for when I had to leave, which wasn’t that far away by then.
The time to leave home for the weekend has arrived and, together with my father who was going to work at the same time, I went to the bus station and got on the bus to Slussen. After we got to Slussen I took the subway to T-Centralen, or Stockholm C, while my father went another way. Well at T-Centralen I met up with my friend who had gotten me my ticket the day before, paid her 70 SEK (the ticket cost 69 SEK but I let her keep the last 1 SEK which is about 0.12 USD – aren’t I generous?) and then we and several other people I had never met before in my life left for the platform, got on the train and about 40 minutes later we were at Uppsala C.
After a two or three minute walk from the train station we reached the Uppsala Koncert & Kongress, or the UKK, and it was time to stand in line… for four hours in minus 20 degrees, celcius! That’s cold, and as if it weren’t enough, the opening of the convention got delayed by almost an hour so we ended up standing there in the cold for almost five hours. About half an hour before we were supposed to be let in, they gave us free soda – warm; however, it did not warm as much as give us yet another problem to deal with – now we were not only cold, but we had to pee as well. I am never doing that again, standing in a still line for five hours in Uppsala in winter… Don’t try this at home (or anywhere at all), kids! You’ll freeze your not-yet-fully-developed butts off.
When we finally got into the convention are of UppCon:09, I was so tired there was not much fun to do that I could actually appreciate, half asleep as I was, so I mostly walked around the different floors, up and down, looked at items I thought about buying and items I would never in my life even want to receive as a gift, bought some pocky and even some pretz (pretz do not measure up to pocky, believe me), then I went to bed. Well, I kept walking around as a sleep-deprived zombie for a while and even watched episodes 1-4 of Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji (lit. Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji) which was, even though it’s very annoying style of anime and Yu-Gi-Oh!-like story, it was quite interesting and I found myself watching through all the episodes that were offered at the convention until it ended and then I went to bed.

Busou Renkin volume 1. I also got volumes 2 through 5 on the third day, but they aren't shown here.

Busou Renkin volume 1. I also got volumes 2 through 5 on the third day, but they aren't shown here.

Day 2: I can’t believe I have written so much and still have only covered the first day… of course, not much happened the second day but buying stuff I didn’t really need (see gallery below) and then I just went to bed again. Oh yeah, I also got some nendoroids that you can check out in the gallery below! My first figures besides the Keroro squad.

Day 3: Okay, that was a quick cover ofthe second day and I would like to keep this short as well, but if I say that it will probably go on and on forever, so I won’t say it… again. Actually, no, I’m too tired and I’m not feeling very good (I think I might be sick after the Friday morning, you probably understand why that might be), so I’m just going to end this right now with a short note that I ended up paying only 275 SEK instead 475 SEK due to some happenings that I will not go into detail now, mostly because I’m tired and feel bad, as I just said.

Extra: This actually happened on the third day, which is today, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with UppCon:09, so I added it as an “extra.” I registered to the eBay site Tradera earlier today or yesterday (not sure which) and there was this package I wanted to get my hands on: Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II original version (meaning not platinum). I don’t really like Disney (actually I hate Disney), but as the rest of the game is Final Fantasy, I just have to check it out. Due to UppCon:09 I was not sure I was going to be able to lay my bid at the package right at the last second (a great tactic, really), but when I rushed home and opened up my computer I had five minutes left until the auction ended and I added ten SEK to the last bid which was 300 SEK (very cheap, considering a normal game would cost around 700 SEK and this is two games, one of which is not even being produced anymore or available for purchase like anywhere) and after clicking refresh like a maniac over and over for five minutes, the auction ended and I had won it for 310 SEK. The final price came to 336 SEK, and that’s less than half the price of one of the games I just purchased when it came out – I saved almost a thousand SEK on this purchase! It was a really great feeling when I realized I had actually won the auction, now let’s just hope the games are just as great as people say they are…


Three Mikurus…? Well, I guess you can’t have to many Mikurus, am I right?

New One Piece movie to celebrate anime’s 10th anniversary

2 01 2009

Two years after Shueisha’s celebration of Eiichiro Oda’s pirate manga One Piece‘s ANN1 ANN2 10th anniversary it’s Toei Animation’s turn to celebrate the anime’s 10th anniversary by releasing a tenth theatrical movie, aptly named One Piece 10th, 2009. All the previous One Piece movies have premiered in Japanese theatres in early March every year during spring break in Japan; however, I could not find a set date for One Piece 10th to premiere.

According to a research by Oricon, One Piece was the most popular manga of 2008

According to a research by Oricon, One Piece was the most popular manga of 2008!


One-shot sequel to High School Debut

30 12 2008

The latest issue of the Shueisha magazine Deluxe Margaret announced that a one-shot sequel to High School Debut ANN will be in the next issue of the magazine (ships on the 28th of January). The one-shot manga Enkoi Debut (Eternal Love Debut) be drawn by Kazune Kawahara, the original author of High School Debut.

Cover of High School Debut's third volume.

Cover of High School Debut's third volume.

Source: Anime News Network

It’s finally here!

29 12 2008

As mentioned earlier, I placed an import order on for some Japanese products, and guess what a woman working at the post office delivered to my door? That’s right (unless you just said something else than the obvious answer), the package with my imports! I wonder if she brought the package right home since we live in the same apartment building and she noticed the package was addressed to someone at her address, because we have never gotten any deliveries delivered right to our door before. Anyway, since I have no digital camera of my own, I had to take all pictures of package and its insides, so prepare yourself for some low-quality pictures. I hope you can at least see what the pictures are of. Why are there so many watermarks? Well, I wanted the watermarks to be at the same location on all the pictures so I spent (or should I say wasted?) a long time trying to find a free online service that would let me do so since Photoshop wouldn’t and the service I finally ended up using had to ruin the picture even more. Well, try to enjoy the pictures anyway!

The package, touched by none except a few thousand people.

The package, touched by none except a few thousand people.

I was really psyched and ecstatic when I received the package at the door and I almost started dancing. (Hey, you there, wait… GIVE ME THAT CAMERA!!) I have also ordered something else from that I hope will come soon, and I hope the happiness when that package arrives won’t be any lesser than what I experience today.