Please go to the new site at!

1 04 2009

Please go to the new site at!


Important note: new site!

26 01 2009

The new site is finally up at and I will eventually stop visiting this site altogether; however, I will write no more posts here. This will be the last post here and the only one this and the new site doesn’t have in common. The new theme I’m using is called “arthemia” and is a blog and magazine hybrid template thingy, and I hope that you like it! It’s a little dull as it is right now, but I will customize it in time. Please click here to register an account for the new site! You don’t have to register to comment, but to do anything else (as well as comment, really) I wish you would.

Thanks for everything! :D

EDIT: I’ve moved everything from this blog, such as comments and more, to the new one, but pageviews have been cleared, but I hope that with your help it won’t matter in a month or two. ^^

Pac-Man for dinner

24 01 2009

I had Pac-Man for dinner today! As a guest or actual dinner? A little out of both, I guess you could say. Anyway, enjoy these pictures of my no longer existing dinner.


Ooh, it's Pac-Man! :D


A-are you crying, Pac-Man? :O

Pac-Man became a target! D:

Let me inform you that this was not intentional until I added the eye in the second picture. I noticed that it looked like Pac-Man just before I added ketchup, so I decided to be an idiot. :)

Final Fantasy VII – finally!

23 01 2009

I finally have my very own copy of Final Fantasy VII (I’d be a little bit happier if it wasn’t the platinum version, but it’s awesome anyway!), a game I’ve been wanting for so many years now! Unfortunately, I cannot play the game until next week. Anyway, enjoy some pictures and I’ll be back as soon as I’ve got something new to write about!

Final Fantasy VII cover

Final Fantasy VII cover

Kino’s Journey… stolen?

22 01 2009

I got the first volume of Kino’s Journey in my mailbox today after winning it in an auction on Tradera, but I can’t help but wonder if it was stolen before I bought it… The DVD case says “endast för uthyrning” which literally means “only for rental” and even though they sometimes sell old rental movies, they would remove the sticker that says “property of {video store},” right? Ah well, it’s not handling as long as I didn’t know it was stolen when I bought it and can’t get in contact with the person I once bought it from, if it even is stolen, right? Great. Anyway, it’s a Swedish edition so it probably sucks like they always do, but at least I can feel at ease that I got a great series (as far as I know) legally instead of downloading it which is not so legal.

Kino's Journey, or Kino no Tabi -the Beautiful World-

Kino's Journey, or Kino no Tabi -the Beautiful World-

Instead of school, watch Elementhunters on NHK-Educational

22 01 2009

That’s right. Why go to school when you can stay home and watch the sci-fi adventure anime Elementhunters on Nippon Housou Kyoukai’s (日本放送協会; nippon housou kyoukai, nihon housou kyoukai), more commonly known as NHK, educational channel NHK-Educational and learn chemical elements from your own living room or wherever you decide to get comfortable and learn. The obvious answer is that all your friends are at school, right? Or, well, at least they should be. Anyway, NHK launches a new anime called Elementhunters which is meant to teach children chemical elements as well as entertain them (I assume) this July. Elementhunters will also be aired in Korea as it is a joint production between Korea and Japan; however, I’m not sure when the Korean version will start airing.



Hopefully (maybe), NHK has planned out the series’ airtime better than to place it right in the middle of the school day, otherwise the students maybe will stay home instead of going to school. Seriously, if you had the choice of going to school or staying home, watching anime, what would you do?

Source: Moon Phase via Anime News Network

Kingdom Hearts

21 01 2009

I recently discovered Tradera, an auction site, part of eBay (it says), and now I’m addicted to auctioning! Actually, I didn’t just discover it recently, but I’ve never been a member and done auctions before. Anyway, I made some bids on a few items and now I have won Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II for the PlayStation 2, a new PlayStation 2 (how can I else play? XD), a DVD of Kino’s Journey (キノの旅 -the Beautiful World-; kino no tabi -the beautiful world-) and the complete Tales of Phantasia series (based on the game Tales of Phantasia) on one DVD disc. All for very low prices, of course! Oh yeah, I also got my hands on Final Fantasy VII and I can’t wait to play it! The reason I decided to get the Kingdom Hearts games, really, was because I love Final Fantasy and Square/Square Enix so much – and, of course, ’cause everyone always says how great they are. I just hope I won’t immediately throw it away when Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse shows up… I really hate Disney! (Don’t get mad at that comment, I’m just being honest. If you dislike me disliking Disney, just ignore it or I will simply delete your comments. And who knows, maybe Kingdom Hearts may change my opinion. I don’t really think so, though…)


Kingdom Hearts cover