An Cafe on Europe tour 2009

5 11 2008

An Cafe, or Antic Cafe, comes to Europe on their new 2009 tour NYAPPY GO AROUND THE WORLD II, starting with Finland. Their first appearence in Finland will be on March 17 in Helsinki (Helsingfors in Swedish) and then on next day after in Tammerfors, meaning that Finland will get two concerts, the lucky bastards. After Finland the band will go to Stockholm, Sweden (YEAH!) and then they will follow their schedule as shown below. This is the tour schedule, make a note in your notebook or diary or whatever so you keep the date when they play in your country (if you live in Europe or are there at the time of one of their perfomances) free from other, less fun, duties and happenings – keep the date open. And get your tickets in time!

03/17/2009 Tavastia, Helsinki/Helsingfors (Finland)
03/18/2009 Pakkahuone, Tammerfors (Finland)
03/19/2009 Tyrol, Stockholm (Sweden)
03/21/2009 Live Music Hall, Köln (Germany)
03/22/2009 Muffathalle, München (Germany)
03/24/2009 Carling Academy, London (Great Britan)
03/25/2009 Elysee Montmartre, Paris (France)
03/27/2009 Barbey, Bordeaux (France)
03/29/2009 Razmatazz, Barcelona (Spain)

The ticket sales will go on November 17, so make sure you remember the date if you want a shot at getting a ticket for yourself (and maybe a girlfriend or boyfriend?). If you go to the concert in Sweden, I hope I’ll meet you there!


The death of Hare Hare Yukai

27 10 2008

I was browsing through YouTube, not trying to find the video 2 girls 1 cup (seriously, don’t watch that one) and I found this video and I sure wasn’t happy about it.

When I tried to embed the YouTube video the site stopped functioning correctly – or at all – so here is a link instead: You can find the higher quality version of the video here (although, is there actually any quality change?).

Mamma Mia!

24 10 2008

So, there is one thing you can proud of as a swede ABBA; one of the most famous bands ever in the world. There have been musicals to their honor and now there is even a movie. This is really old news, but the thing is, I watched it yesterday. It had great music, funny story and hilarious real lol moments. I will keep this short because I have something else to write about (in another post, soon to be posted) and I can’t sit here for very much longer. So, Mamma Mia, the ABBA musical movie, was great and I give it      out of five possible (how many times have I said that now, out of five possible?) and I advice any of you who haven’t or have seen it and loves great music to watch it or rewatch it.

EDIT: Ah, let me just add one more star. Five stars out of five possible. Yeah, I love musicals. XD