The Lord of the Rings: Conquest playable demo

11 01 2009

So I turned on my Xbox 360, automatically connected to Xbox Live and saw a list of new free-to-download content, one of which were a playable demo of Electronic Arts’ and Pandemic Studios’ coming game The Lord of The Rings: Conquest which I decided to download and check out at a later time. The latter time has come and I’m currently playing through the single-player tutorial stage. So far I have gotten to the second post where I can switch control to scout instead of archer or warrior and I have to say that this looks like a great game, even though it’s based on something else (let’s face facts, the best games out there are games created originally to be just games). If you like strategic games and/or MMORPGs, I definitely think you should check out this game, or at least a demo of it to see if it’s really something for you. Well then, now I’m gonna sneak around with my scout and hopefully get control over a mage quite soon!

Should I get it for the Xbox 360 or the PC? Or the Nintendo DS, maybe?

Should I get it for the Xbox 360 or the PC? Or the Nintendo DS, maybe?

Actually (please read the image caption above), should I even get it at all? I think I’m gonna finish this demo before I decide that, but yeah, it is tempting so far. BTW, The Lord of the Rings: Conquest will be available for the Xbox 360, the PC, the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation 3 as of its release January 16, 2009 – next friday! For you in North America the game will be released this tuesday, January 13.

What where these creatures called? Was it "ent?"

Fear the might of the walking trees!


Vampire Knight Guilty – Complete

9 01 2009

Wow… I actually watched through half a year of anime in two days. Vampire Knight‘s 13 episodes and Vampire Knight Guilty‘s 13 episodes makes 26 episodes total, or, if you will, 26 weeks – half a year. As I said in my last post, both Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty are definitely worth watching, female or not. Now, go watch Vampire Knight.

The romance part did not end up as I had hoped it would...

The romance part did not end up as I had hoped it would...

And yes, I promise I will return to actual news tomorrow! Or maybe later tonight, who knows…

Vampire Knight – Complete

8 01 2009

Yes, some news have started showing up again and I promise I will write about them later, but now I’m just here to leave a quick note about the awesomeness that is Vampire Knight. Yesterday I watched episodes 2 through 12 of Vampire Knight, having already seen the first episode earlier, and today I watched the 13th – and final – episode of the first season. Even if you don’t like shoujo anime in general, Vampire Knight (and Full Moon wo Sagashite) is a must for the anime watcher, female or not.

"A sweet dream has not ended yet."

"A sweet dream has not ended yet."

I haven’t got an opinion for the other season (Vampire Knight Guilty) yet, but that is simply because I haven’t seen it yet.

Hyakko – Complete

7 01 2009

Thirteen episodes later and I’m finished with Hyakko, one of the most hilarious shows I have ever watched. As always I’m not much of a reviewer, but I’ve got some pictures that won’t spoil the ending for you, just for fun and to fill out this post, and my words of gratitude and recommendation. If you have missed Hyakko during the previous anime season and think it’s too late, then you’re wrong – no matter how many years passes you simply have to see Hyakko. I guarantee you, you will laugh your asses off!

Why aren't these in the anime more often?

Why aren't these two in the anime more often?

Kurokami – Episode 1

6 01 2009

The new winter anime season has started and so far five new shows have started – or at least that’s the number of shows I’ve yet decided check out. The first contender for 2009 is Kurokami, or Black God, based on the korean manga (yes, not “manhwa”) by Dall-Young Lim and Sung-Woo Park, who, funnily but totally irrelevant, made his debut the year I was born, 1993.

The first episode starts with the main character in a puddle of blood. Why?

The first episode starts with the main character in a puddle of blood. Why?

As always, I suck at making reviews on anything, really, so I’ll try to keep this short; maybe it will make a little sense. The first episode of Kurokami begins with Keita Ibuki (伊吹慶太 Ibuki Keita) riding his bike through the part of Japan where he lives- no wait, that’s not the beginning. Sorry, have been fixing some other stuff since I watched the episode… Anyway, the first episode of Kurokami starts out with Keita Ibuki lying dead on the ground, blood filling the canvas that is the ground his dead body lies on. This may sound like a spoiler, what I just said, but since it is the absolute first thing that happens you were going to find out about it as soon as you watched the episode yourself and can’t really be considered a huge spoiler. After we see Keita’s dead body and (supposedly) his blood  on the ground we get to see the girl that later introduces herself as “Kuro” (meaning “black” in Japanese), fleeing from some unidentified men in black costumes, followed by a woman with long orange hair riding the train. She is talking on the phone with Keita and to not make this a complete summary of exactly everything that happens in this episode I will stop talking right now.

It's Kuro!

It's Kuro!

I must say, this review seems to being going quite OK, at least for being one of my reviews. Maybe? Anyway, when I first started watching this episode I thought that maybe it wasn’t the same Kurokami that I had recently read the first chapter of the manga of, but something else with the same name, since, the way I recall the first manga chapter, the manga and anime weren’t even the slightest bit alike – until Keita meets Kuro and Punipuni at the ramen stand. Then I was sure it was the same story I had read earlier in an issue of Yen Plus. I have to get the manga, because everything points at this being a great manga – even though it’s created by Korean authors. Not that it’s anything wrong with that, just that Korean authors more often make “manhwa” than manga, and those two are definitely not the same thing. Man, I can’t focus on less than twenty-eight things at once… I don’t think there is much more I can write now, though, without simply giving away everything that happens in the episode, and that’s not what I’m writing this for, so I’ll just add another picture and then a gallery with pictures from the episode, if you’re interested. Oh yeah, this is definitely one of the shows from the early anime season of 2009 you have to check out!



Naruto: The Broken Bond

5 12 2008

I am very psyched up right now and I won’t right more than a little note. I’VE GOT NARUTO: THE BROKEN BOND! If it’s just half as good as it’s predecessor, Naruto: Rise of a Ninja, then it’s totally worth $80 dollars! Well then, now I’m going to play the game all through the night. I just wish I had a good camera so I could post some nice pics for you…

The Broken Bond...

Can Naruto: The Broken Bond...

...stand up to its predecessor?

...stand up to its predecessor?

EDIT: (Don’t read if you don’t know what happens after the Chuunin exam in the story yet.) After having been to the bathroom, changing pants (after a soda spill accident, not any other kind of accident) and getting some more coke I finally got to insert the game disc and start playing. At the beginning of the game the story takes of right where the story of Rise of a Ninja ended and immediately you enter a fight between the Third Hokage and Orochimaru (with his two summoned companions, the First and Second hokage) where you get to learn the basics of the game controls, followed by a sad sequence where you have to find Sakura and Sasuke (I was looking for Sasuke when I decided to share my thoughts before continuing – I just had to!) to the Sorrow and Sadness soundtrack that, accompanied with the Third’s death, always makes me cry. Waah, poor Sarutobi!

Mirror’s Edge

22 11 2008

DICE has done it again, and this time it’s Mirror’s Edge!

Mirror’s Edge is to me, after playing the training, the prologue and the first chapter, one of the most awesome games ever! This goes up at the top together with the Fable games and Tales of Symphonia, and that’s high! You have to check out this game, Mirror’s Edge is just filled with wonderful graphics, nice gameplay, great story (so far I haven’t really found out anything, though) and horrible flash sequences – but it’s worth it!

If you shoot me, I'll kick you!

If you shoot me, I kick you!

Did you know that …

… DICE was founded and currently has it’s headquarters here in Sweden?
… I suck at making game reviews?