Please go to the new site at!

1 04 2009

Please go to the new site at!


UppCon:09, I’m on my way!

14 01 2009

The Swedish convention about Japanese popular culture UppCon is this weekend and I’m going there for my first ever convention experience! I’m hoping and believing that it will be awesome, and hopefully I’ll befriend many more people! If you’re in Sweden and attending, maybe we’ll see each other as well? Read more about UppCon:09 here or here for a translated page.

The UppCon logo in pizza corners.

The UppCon logo in pizza corners.

The UC logo is really alike to a logo I made not too long ago, but because of the similarities I discarded it. Hope I’ll see you there, and tomorrow again here!

P.S. Some time during tomorrow or next week will I be moving my blog to a new location and change name (not to “Yokazeblog”), so be prepared for some changes and please stick with me! :)

A hundred posts!

26 12 2008

Yes! A hundred posts made, not counting this one!

Since the third of September 2008 (this year, if you’ve been asleep for 50) when I restarted my blog, previously known as “Makkun’s Place”  (it was never that popular since I only had it for a short while and never told anyone about it until the database I used for all my sites crashed and had me close all but two of them, one is currently inactive), 夜風の所 have had 3,424 visits, again not counting today’s (the 26th of December) visits, the busiest day being Sunday, November 23rd with 114 visits and I have now written a hundred posts! It’s a little special to me, because this blog now has lasted longer than my last try, is quite popular (I haven’t even told that many people about it!), and actually has a nice layout, even though I haven’t made it myself for this project. I hope I have at least a few visitors that returns from time to time, read my posts and maybe leaves a comment every now and then, but maybe I shouldn’t be hoping for too much with a baby blog like this one. Through a hundred posts I have created 533 unique tags, the tags of this post not counted, and 19 categories of which 18 have at least one post assigned to them. The biggest joy for me is really that I have gotten so many visitors, as mentioned before, and gotten so many comments. 71 comments over a hundred posts means 0.71 comments per post (I’m still not counting this post and I won’t through the entire post) and that’s almost one comment per post and that just feels so great! I could, of course, have gotten lots more, but I’m happy with what I have because I honestly never thought my blog would be even this successful.

I still suck at using my pen tablet, but my scanner is broken so...

I still suck at using my pen tablet, but my scanner is broken so...

I hope you have enjoyed my blog so far and will continue to do so for the years to come before I stop blogging or die in an accident at a young age and that my news posts help you keep up to the world of Japanese popular culture and otakus! If you wish to contact me, please do so, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment on this or any other posts. Good bye for now, my loyal and not-so-much readers and friends!

Seven years of bad luck?

10 10 2008

Yeah, right! You just die (painfully) immediately.

So, me and CG (“Cutest Girl”) went to the movies and saw the new horror flick, Mirrors. After you’ve seen Mirrors you are going to paint all your mirrors (and stuff that gives reflection) with green paint and tape of the windows with old (and maybe some new) newspapers and never – NEVER – leave the house. It was, honest to God, the most terrifying (although, I don’t get that scared by horror movies) and the most interesting (good story, can you believe it?) horror movie I have ever seen! I am definitely giving this flick and I would give it the last, fifth as well if I were allowed to give a movie five out of five possible (meaning I always give four out of five as top rating unless it’s the best movie ever creating and I want to exaggerate). Anyway, if you love or hate horror flicks you should absolutely go see this movie because it has a great story too, although if you’re really terrified of mirrors and couldn’t stand the scene where the police officer explodes in his car in Stay Alive … you’ll die. That’s all for me, for now. And if you care, there is a sad truth lying between this and the previous post, but what it is I will only tell you if you actually know me in person and I feel like it. :)

P.S. I have started writing on a new book version of my book (it’s quite different and much better, although the main character is an awful lot like me in several ways) and I am currently writing on the third chapter, Encounter, and it’s actually going great. I have, for once in my life, succeeded in not starting everything in the first chapter and all the chapters that are completed (chapter one and two) and nine, ten pages each. I am finally starting to feel like a real writer (although, I don’t know if that’s good because I’m not going to be a writer only a writer – I have many alternative endings for my life and mid-parts. :P

Here you go, some updates!

16 09 2008

Hey, friends!

As you may know, if you know me in any other way than through this blog, I am currently (and for the seven weeks to come) in a place without a computer (for me to use) and I can’t stay much updated on, like, anything and it’s really frustrating. I’ll just try to live with it though (I get to live with the cutest girl I’ve ever seen (and hey, I think she likes me :3), so … you know) and I will be back before you know it–or in seven weeks.
I, as you can see from this, still get access like once a week (maybe?) so I can check that my sites aren’t ruined or getting spammed or so, but I won’t be very active with anything else. I just thought, though, I’d leave a post telling you this. Was that a right choice? Who cares, I gotta go. See you later! :)

I’m back!

3 09 2008

ただいま tadaima

So, the 10th of August, I believe it was, the database I was using (and paying for, btw) for all my sites crashed and everything got ruined. WHERE THE HELL DID MY BACKUPS GO!?
I actually closed down several of my sites except which just got back up on it’s feet (although I had to start over with members and topic and everything again) and the Onsen Studio site, one of them being my former blog called Makkun’s Place. Of course, I still couldn’t find my backups. Isn’t that great? I never started the blog again before now because I didn’t feel it was worth it, but after browsing some other blogs with the same idea as mine had I suddenly just had to start one again. And so I did. I’m back.

Yokaze desu!

夜風です yokaze desu

I am now Yokaze, the Night Wind. Yokaze means night wind. Yes, I no longer use Makkun for my mangaka pen name. That’s all. Good night, folks. Although, the time is only six o’clock PM here in Sweden …