Hi. Do you want to contact me or are you just way too curious, like me?

If you want to send me an email I use for more professional matters and for the rest.

I don’t use IRC that often. I try from time to time but I just can’t seem to stand it.

IM Messengers
As many else I often use different IM Messengers, chat programs. I am always on Windows Live Messenger (a.k.a. MSN Messenger) when I’m on my computer and that’s where it’s easier to find me, but I also use other clients.

AIM: rukishouAIM
Skype: rukishou
Xfire: rukishou

Other sites
If you ever see someone named Rukishou on a site it’s either me or someone messing with me. If you notice a Yokaze it could also be me, but it’s not as certain. If you meet a Makkun (quite old nick by now), Kesshomaru (older) or even Kessiah (even older) it is probably me as well, but I’m probably not active there anyway since I mostly only use Rukishou now (and Kawaru on one site and in one MMORPG). ^^


One response

19 03 2009

Hello. I’m an anime fan and I’m in the process of making my own Manga/Anime/Video Game Review Website. But in order for this site to be a success, I need pictures. I would like permission to use one or more pictures from your site, if at all possible. I tried to email you through the emails listed in the “Contact” section, but the emails kept on being bounced back to me, saying that the email account didn’t exist. If you would, I would really appreciate it if you responded to this as soon as possible.

Thank You,

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