OK, since the blogroll was going to make the frontpage way too big if I had added all the links I was going too I thought I could do it like this instead, so I went to add a new page and that’s just what I’m doing right now. Please check out the links below since I think they are worth it, at least a few of them. I will link all the blogs I follow even though at least one of them suck and is not the least bit interesting to me, so enjoy!

EDIT: Just to make it clear, the “blogs” list below is simply a list of all blogs I’m subscribed to with Feedreader, I don’t even read the topics I get from Sankaku Complex since I don’t like what they write about. Why do I keep subscribing to them? Absolutely no idea. And also, blogs doesn’t really mean blogs exclusively, it’s more like sites I gather news from… and blogs.

Blogs I follow

There used to be more (several Japanese ones as well) before, but when I got my new laptop I couldn’t remember all of the ones I used to follow.

Sites I enjoy

Stores where I shop

I will try to add items to this list as soon as I figure out anythin to add to it. If I start following a new blog I will try to remember to link that blog on this page and if I start importing stuff from Japan via another web shop I will link that store here. If you’ve got any suggestions of blogs or sites you would like to see here, please feel free to contact me.


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