I have way too much manga, really, but I wouldn’t give it away for any amount money or anything! First of all I’ve got all books that came out in Sweden (in Swedish) since the start – everything, even shoujo – until they started giving lots of shoujo and manhwa (korean  comics – not manga) which I only bought the first volumes of each … I realized I couldn’t buy everything that came out (lots of it weren’t even any good) and I had to stop. For a while after that I didn’t get much manga at all, but later I have gotten back on the horse and bought lots of imported manga in both English and Japanese and even a few volumes in Swedish from time to time (that is mostly original Swedish work and stuff I couldn’t find in any other language) and now I’ve got more than most people in Sweden. A very low percentage of all manga I’ve currently got is in my bookcase here to the left (of my computer and desktop here at home) where I started collecting all the manga I bought since at some point during the summer I wanted to get organized. I obviously couldn’t find all manga I already had and even if I could I would never be able to fit it all in that tiny bookcase I’m using, but at least everything I’ve got from that same time during the summer up till now is nicely sorted there. If you’re interested in what I’ve got (in the bookcase, I can’t possible name it all), just look at the list below. I will try to update it every time I buy new manga, and when the bookcase is filled up we’ll see what I do.

There used to be a list of manga that I currently collect here, but I have (even though I didn’t count more than a small percentage of all my manga) too much manga and I get even more at too fast a pace to update this page every time. Just think of my manga collection like this: huge.


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10 10 2008

But Manhwa is rlly good!
Especially Rebirth!!’
Oh and this was just a comment i wrote for no reason!

10 10 2008

Ah, Rebirth … I have the first volume of that one, but I noticed it was manhwa, got stingy and never read it. I have it here in my drawer with Blue Dragon Ral Grad (sucked so bad I couldn’t continue on it, no matter how much I love Obata-sensei’s artwork) and the used My-HIME volume I got by a friend for my fifteenth birthday. I wonder if I’m ever going to read it … Rebirth, that is.

13 10 2008
Andre Lindholm

Ares is by far the best Manwha there is! READ IT FOR GODS SAKE!

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