I’m back!

3 09 2008

ただいま tadaima

So, the 10th of August, I believe it was, the database I was using (and paying for, btw) for all my sites crashed and everything got ruined. WHERE THE HELL DID MY BACKUPS GO!?
I actually closed down several of my sites except Hissatsu.se which just got back up on it’s feet (although I had to start over with members and topic and everything again) and the Onsen Studio site, one of them being my former blog called Makkun’s Place. Of course, I still couldn’t find my backups. Isn’t that great? I never started the blog again before now because I didn’t feel it was worth it, but after browsing some other blogs with the same idea as mine had I suddenly just had to start one again. And so I did. I’m back.

Yokaze desu!

夜風です yokaze desu

I am now Yokaze, the Night Wind. Yokaze means night wind. Yes, I no longer use Makkun for my mangaka pen name. That’s all. Good night, folks. Although, the time is only six o’clock PM here in Sweden …