Premiere date for Gurren Lagann: Rasen-hen set

1 01 2009

The second Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ANN movie, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Rasen-hen (the Japanese are truly the masters of long, but still awesome, titles), is as mentioned before set to premiere under Golden Week in Japan, 2009, but not before just recently did they go out on the official movie website the exact premiere date: 25th April 2009! An exclusive preview will be screening on February 9, earlier the same year, for a few lucky people.

"Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann"

"Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann"

I have never had a good experience with non-canon movies because, frankly, they suck, but it seems even those movies are getting better nowadays with the new Bleach ANN1 ANN2 movie looking very promising and the new Eureka Seven ANN movie on its way – a product attached to the name Eureka Seven simply can’t suck. Can it? If it does, I’m seriously going to hunt the people behind the project down and too gore content, cannot be allowed anywhere – not even on the internet. You know, if I can get away from everything else I’ve got to do just for a short while… Oh wait, I shouldn’t be talking about Eureka Seven in a Gurren Lagann post now, should I? No, I should not. So I won’t… Good bye.

Source: 2channel News Navigator via Alafista


After falling you may or may not rise

11 12 2008

I chose just now to rise again. My fall is that I haven’t watched any anime for almost three months and my rising is that I’m getting back on track. I’m deleting a few shows from my “currently watching” list, moving some to the “on-hold” list and a few one to “dropped” or even back to “plan to watch” if I haven’t yet watched more than one episode. Now I’m currently getting episodes 81 through 86-87 (a double episode) of Naruto, episode 80 already waiting for my awakening on my HDD, and after that I will get all the Bleach episodes I have missed (the filler just ended when I stopped watching the anime altogether) and then all the other shows I have to catch up to again. And soon the next anime season begins! What will I do?!

This is how the inside of my heads looks right now, simplified.

This is how the inside of my heads looks right now, simplified.

Get your anime on Xbox Live

14 11 2008

Viz Media has announced that the popular shounen series Bleach and Death Note will be available for purchase on Xbox Live in exchange for Microsoft Points. Every episode goes for 160 points each. Hopefully it will be possible to watch the episodes you purchase directly on your Xbox, otherwise it’s just plain crap. It will probably work though, the problem may be exporting the episodes you purchase to any other device. I don’t know and since I don’t plan to buy any Death Note or Bleach episodes from Xbox Live or even get any Microsoft Points I guess I’ll never know, huh? So far the 41 episodes of Bleach and 37 episodes of Death note (the complete series, unless one or more are specials or something) are available. Maybe this is something for that person who has got 160 Microsoft Points left and nothing else to spend it on, or maybe for that hard-core Bleach or Death Note fan; although I think the episodes are dubbed.

I’m back, Mao-chan~

19 10 2008

I just came back from Norrköping and my brother and I’m soon to leave again. Actually, I didn’t come right home when I got off the train, I visited SF Bokhandeln and got some more manga first, but more about that later.

This week has been more a personal matter than something I really want to talk about in a blog accessible by the whole world (or at least by the people with internet access – and can read and understand English), so I’ll keep it short and questionable (maybe). We went bowling yesterday – disco bowling; it was fun but it wasn’t exactly my best game ever played. Before bowling I ate pizza. That’s it for you.
On my train ride home (almost two hours, or 107 minutes to be a little more exact – a few minutes may vary) I read some Katekyou Hitman REBORN! (about a volume) and then drew the rest of the time. My style is starting to look a bit like the one of Tite Kubo, author of Bleach and Zombie Powder. XD

At SF Bokhandeln I got the manga Mao-chan (therefore the title) with story by Akamatsu Ken and art by Ran from 2002, although completely new in English – I have only read chapter one and two so far, but it seems quite fun; however, it could be better … if you’re a Akamatsu Ken fan, you may want to check it out, and if your a die-hard Akamatsu Ken fan you have to get it, because his name is on the cover page (that’s the reason I got it, really) – and volume one to nine of One Piece. Oh, and I got yet another volume of Death Note (now I have ten volumes and still haven’t gotten a volume with a higher number on the cover than five).

When I got home, I remember now, I had gotten a package from CDON with seasons one to three of Two and a Half Men (great show, check it out) and four two-in-one DVDs (that is eight movies, and I got them all for the price of only one regular or cheaper twin pack DVD). Anyway, now I have to eat. Seriously, I have to eat, otherwise I’ll croak! Bye bye, friends.

I’ve changed my mind …

10 10 2008

Instead of just trying out the few series that seems okay this seasons I am going to watch at least episode 1 of every show and then decide which ones I am going to continue watching and also give you a short review for all of them (not long ones like those with Hyakko, Toradora! and Casshern Sins … I think … I hope). The ones I have watched with the previous weekend is Casshern Sins, Toradora! and Hyakko and Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka is still waiting and now when I’m back for yet another weekend I have so far downloaded (although they are not all finished) Kannagi, Kuroshitsuji, Kyou no Go no Ni (TV), Shikabane Hime: Aka, Tales of the Abyss (the one I started last week was still at 0.0% downloaded), Macademi WAsshoi (man, that was a quick download – less than a minute without forced start), Ga-Rei -Zero- (also a fast download) and I’m still not finished. :)

EDIT: Now I have downloaded/started downloading To Aru Majutsu no Index (right after I originally finished this post) and Yozakura Quartet. That’s all I could find. The rest, I guess, still have to go TV in Japan first or be distributed for download (yay, illegalness is what makes a sentence great). See you next time when I’m gonna review more of this season’s new anime!

P.S. After this weekend I won’t be able to watch anime until the weekend after the coming one, because then I’m going to visit my older brother and next week Bleach is finally off it’s long filler arc (unless it’s a skip week or something, I’m not watching until the fillers are over). Oh my, now many downloads are getting finished – time for anime marathon!

Another week has gone.

26 09 2008

It certainly has, and it was a most fun one. :P
At least parts of it.

I don’t have that much to tell you about this week, but I’ll tell you what I do have. To tell you.
I, of course, brought home more manga and stuff home after this week: vol 1-13 of Bleach, would’ve had up to 14 if I hadn’t accidently bought two copies of vol 2; vol 1-4 of the kiddy shojo manga Shugo Chara!; vol 3-5 of the ever so awesome Fullmetal Alchemist; vol 4 of Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunsou (or maybe I did that last week?); the first volume of the new Swedish manga called Kick Off!, just a little bit better than I thought it’d be (honestly, I though it’d be crap); vol 1-2 of REBORN!/Katekyo Hitman REBORN!; and hey, that’s not all! I also got a package (although by then I was already home) with vol 19 of Negima! and vol 1-4 Fairy Tail and the third and latest issue of YEN PLUS. Yeah, I’ve got lots of reading ahead of me, and with my not-old-at-all speakers have broken by not being used for a week (I mean, come on! Geez …) that’s a real good thing. Not that’d I wouldn’t’ve enjoyed it otherwise too. That’s not all, folks, I also did lots (and by lots I obivously mean almost nothing) of other, real fun stuff, mostly with the girl next door. ;)

Have it good folks (why the h*ll do I keep saying that!?), see you next time. Btw, I’m leaving again on Sunday. ^^

P.S. Since, as I told you already, my speakers won’t work as they should I can’t watch any anime right now. Do you know how depressing that is after a week of waiting for just that!? You probably do or don’t, I wouldn’t know.