Astro Boy movie teaser is finally out

21 11 2008

Yes, it’s true. Although … Yes, it is! Watch the new Astro Boy Hollywood movie teaser or download it here and then … I don’t have an opinion because I haven’t watched it yet.

Astro Boy is waving!

Astro Boy is waving!

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Prince Caspian of Narnia is here!

16 10 2008

Or something, right?

So, me and CG (and a personnel, although he slept sat a few seats away … he doesn’t like us) went to the movies (again, I know) and saw Narnia: Prince of Caspian (CG’s choice, I just couldn’t say no) and it was okay, I give it a good    (3 out of 5). Now, as I have no more business reviewing anything, I’d like to try out the new poll function offers (yeah, I was too lazy to download wordpress from and upload to my own ftp and domain, and I like how likes, actually), so here it is:

Never mind, I don’t want to make an account on another site just to do that so … screw you, poll.

EDIT: My friend Akaa says I don’t need to do a big registration, but it will still have to wait for next time.

Seven years of bad luck?

10 10 2008

Yeah, right! You just die (painfully) immediately.

So, me and CG (“Cutest Girl”) went to the movies and saw the new horror flick, Mirrors. After you’ve seen Mirrors you are going to paint all your mirrors (and stuff that gives reflection) with green paint and tape of the windows with old (and maybe some new) newspapers and never – NEVER – leave the house. It was, honest to God, the most terrifying (although, I don’t get that scared by horror movies) and the most interesting (good story, can you believe it?) horror movie I have ever seen! I am definitely giving this flick and I would give it the last, fifth as well if I were allowed to give a movie five out of five possible (meaning I always give four out of five as top rating unless it’s the best movie ever creating and I want to exaggerate). Anyway, if you love or hate horror flicks you should absolutely go see this movie because it has a great story too, although if you’re really terrified of mirrors and couldn’t stand the scene where the police officer explodes in his car in Stay Alive … you’ll die. That’s all for me, for now. And if you care, there is a sad truth lying between this and the previous post, but what it is I will only tell you if you actually know me in person and I feel like it. :)

P.S. I have started writing on a new book version of my book (it’s quite different and much better, although the main character is an awful lot like me in several ways) and I am currently writing on the third chapter, Encounter, and it’s actually going great. I have, for once in my life, succeeded in not starting everything in the first chapter and all the chapters that are completed (chapter one and two) and nine, ten pages each. I am finally starting to feel like a real writer (although, I don’t know if that’s good because I’m not going to be a writer only a writer – I have many alternative endings for my life and mid-parts. :P