Vampire Knight Guilty – Complete

9 01 2009

Wow… I actually watched through half a year of anime in two days. Vampire Knight‘s 13 episodes and Vampire Knight Guilty‘s 13 episodes makes 26 episodes total, or, if you will, 26 weeks – half a year. As I said in my last post, both Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty are definitely worth watching, female or not. Now, go watch Vampire Knight.

The romance part did not end up as I had hoped it would...

The romance part did not end up as I had hoped it would...

And yes, I promise I will return to actual news tomorrow! Or maybe later tonight, who knows…


Hyakko – Complete

7 01 2009

Thirteen episodes later and I’m finished with Hyakko, one of the most hilarious shows I have ever watched. As always I’m not much of a reviewer, but I’ve got some pictures that won’t spoil the ending for you, just for fun and to fill out this post, and my words of gratitude and recommendation. If you have missed Hyakko during the previous anime season and think it’s too late, then you’re wrong – no matter how many years passes you simply have to see Hyakko. I guarantee you, you will laugh your asses off!

Why aren't these in the anime more often?

Why aren't these two in the anime more often?