Yen Plus issue 5

11 12 2008

Yes, the item mentioned in the title is out, and I guess it has been for a while. Yen Plus issue 5, that is. I just got my copy from the DHL delivery service (it has been lying since the eigth of December, just waiting for me to pick it up – I’M SORRY YEN PLUS! I’ll never abandon you again!), and I haven’t even finished issue 4 yet – and I still have lots of manga I haven’t had the time to read yet! Got several Naruto books left, unread in my bookcase (although, I have already read it all in other ways), the latest Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE volume, I, Otaku, and all the so far released volumes of D.Gray-man! Wonderful! This christmas will be the best, if I can only get my hands on a real cozy kotatsu! I probably won’t… :'<

The green Yen Plus logo. It's nice.

The green Yen Plus logo. It's nice.

Hmm, it’s been a while since I posted anything non-news related, but I’ll try to post other stuff (like this and more interesting stuff) as well as continue keeping you updated on the latest news on Japanese popular culture!


D.Gray-man is put on hiatus … again

19 11 2008

Once again the manga D.Gray-man, published in Weekly Shonen Jump, is once again put on hiatus, this time due to the author Katsura Hoshino’s bad health. No date (not even an estimate) has been set for the manga’s continuation yet and how long this sorrowful streak will go on is just a wait-and-see game, for now.

So far you can get your hands on eleven volumes of the D.Gray-man manga in English out of the so far 16 volumes made. IMHO, D.Gray-man is one of the best manga I’ve ever read, so don’t let the word “exorcist” stop you from reading it, if it sounds weird. It is not religious like that, it’s just plainly awesome.

Limited Edition Naruto box

31 10 2008

I just got home from late shopping (although, the time is only about half past six here, right now … maybe not so late after all) after having had dinner with my brother and his girlfriend (they had just come to Stockholm for a day to get visas – they’re going to China without me!) and, as usual, I got home with lots of new manga and stuff. Today, the biggest item on my shopping list was the Naruto Limited Edition box containing volumes one through twenty-seven, a double-sided poster (folded and therefore ruined) that I haven’t really checked out yet and probably won’t use (because, as mentioned earlier, it is folded and therefore ruined) and a special Naruto booklet; whatever is in it I don’t know because I haven’t checked that out either. More than the Naruto box I got volumes two through six of D.Gray-man, volume nine of Katekyou Hitman REBORN! (or simply Reborn!) and volumes one of the following series: MÄR, Nora, B Ichi and Elemental Gelade. Seeing as I already had maybe twenty volumes of different series to read, after adding thirty-seven new volumes, again of different series, I probably won’t be able to say, “I’ve got nothing fun to do,” for quite a while. Unless I spend all night reading it all – but I don’t think even I could pull that off; at least not while still interested.

I’d give you some pictures if I had some; however, I do still not own a working camera. And no, I am not a narutard – just a regular old (although, not old) otaku.

EDIT: There also was a Limited Edition box like the Naruto one for Bleach and Death Note; however, I am currently collecting all the Death Note volumes a few at a time and I’m almost half way to getting them all and the Bleach volumes offered in the Limited Edition box I had just bought when I noticed the box that, besides containing a few extra Limited Edition items, cost almost 1000 SEK less than what I had just payed, purchasing all the volumes only a few at a time at several occasions. That’s the reason, actually, that I got the Naruto box for almost 1500 SEK, saving even more than 1000 SEK (actually making up for buying the Bleach volumes at different times) – and that’s my absolute proof that I am, in fact, not a narutard.

There is too much changing.

3 10 2008

There is too much changing. ending.

I am home again for yet another weekend and I’m starting to freak out. Since I only have access to a computer once a week – on weekends – and I only watch anime that time (not to get behind my schedule too much) I don’t know anything about anything that’s going on anymore. And as if that’s not enough, several of the animes that I currently watch and love are ending this (or the previous week) such as To LOVE-Ru, World Destruction, Code Geass R2 (ah, the sorrow) and D.Gray-man and if that doesn’t make you shed a tear than there’s something wrong with you. That’s all on that matter.

Under the week we have watched a few movies again, starting with the great but not scary horror flick The Eye (yes, they finally let us rent it after four weeks); we also saw Stardust and I later on came to the point where I finally watched the whole The Bourne Identity (I would like to add another , but that’s a secret between you and me.), now I just have to see The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. Or maybe “have” it a wrong choice of word? Anyway, you know what I mean so keep yourself from exploding (or imploding) and hopefully we’ll see eachother again next week. ^^

About my week(s).

21 09 2008

Well then, now I’ll write a little about what I probably should have written about in the previous post instead of all the manga I purchased.

As you know, I have been gone for two weeks, and even though I had to go without anime and stuff I still had a good time. You already know that I got my hands of lots more manga, so you know that I have had stuff to read and do while I were away, but most of the time I watched TV (a few more weeks and MTV will have succesfully brainwashed me) and spent time with my several new friends, especially with the ‘Cutest Girl’ I told you about in an earlier post.

On Monday nights we have movie night and we rent a movie and eat some snacks and so, and since I moved in we have rented a new movie almost every night …
We’ve seen movies like Superhero Movie , Forgetting Sarah Marshall , Knocked Up , Meet the Spartans (I just LOVE this movie, no matter how ridiculous it is! XD), Ping-pongkingen (as I always say about Swedish movies, worst crap ever – I hate Swedish movies except maybe one or two) and probably a few more that I can’t remember right now. We also tried, me and the Cutest Girl, to get The Eye with Jessica Alba, not that it matters, and some other horror flicks, but they won’t rent that … the bastards. ;_;

I have done a few more things but they aren’t stuff I see fit or interesting to talk about, but maybe some other time. Until then, pick up an issue of the new YEN PLUS magazine if you haven’t already and have a great time!

P.S. I still haven’t caught up with the anime I’ve missed these two weeks (almost 40 eps) and I will have to save up as I’m going back for at least another week in probably less than an hour, but I did get to watch Code Geass R2 episodes 22 and 23 and also episodes 100 and 101 of D.Gray-man (is it true D.Gray-man is going to end with 103 or a 104 episodes? :O) and I feel a little more at ease after the two week anime hiatus. I wonder if this eight week period is going to end with me hanging myself … なんちゃって

See you next time! じゃまたね

なんちゃって “nanchatte” – Just kidding!
じゃまたね “ja mata ne” – See you later!