Hideo Kojima gave me a handshake!

22 11 2008

It’s true! I mean it! Hideo Kojima and I shook hands! *shiver*

So, I have finally gotten the images my friend TehShien took for me during the signing I stood in a line in cold, snowy Stockholm, waiting two hours for and I can finally make this post, even though it now was several hours it happened. Anyway, so I got to Webhallen and stood in line at about 11:30 AM and it was then quite long, but not at all as long as I had expected. After waiting for almost an hour in line it started moving, little by little. Just before that my friend (mentioned above) came with his slow camera, as he described it himself, and took this picture of maybe half the line – it doesn’t cover it all.

I'm the one to left. More than that you will probably never see of me.

I'm the one on the far left. Don't you just love my hair?

As said before, a while after my friend showed up and took the picture above the line started moving (forward, thank god) and we just had to wait about an hour more! During that hour, though, we both made several new friends (people in a line like this tend to get quite social with the ones around them – that goes for me as well) and also met an old friend of mine that I had so far only known through MSN, or Windows Live, and Hissatsu.se – teh interwebz, you know.
When we finally got to enter the warmth of Webhallen after the two or three hours wait outside in the cold we got in line, and guess who we met there? Of course, it was …

Who is Hideo Kojima's personal bodyguard? But of course, it's Snake himself!

Who else than Snake himself is most fit to be Hideo Kojima's personal bodyguard?

When we got close to the desk where Hideo Kojima was sitting, signing copies of Metal Gear Solid 4 and other games of the Metal Gear series that fans brought with them for signing, I realized you had to purchase the game before getting into the line. Great. That’s just great! I had to leave the line when it was supposed to be my turn and I got away from there without a signed copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 or even a hello from Hideo Kojima whom I was standing right next to at the moment. I figured then it was no big deal, I just had to buy a copy of the game and walk up to him again. Was I right? No, for once in my life I was completely wrong. The stupid bodyguard (not Snake, one of the others) wouldn’t let me get my game signed. That’s even better than great! But then, after trying to explain what had happened, the guy that had seen me when he let a bunch of us to get our copies signed said, “oh, I recognize you,” and let me in. Yes! Luck was smiling at me today – not anymore – like it did that time I was four years old and won a trip to Legoland in Denmark (although, I’m not sure I would consider that “luck” if it happened me today)! I carefully opened the game package when I was back in line and carefully pulled out the cover paper (you know what I mean, right? The thing with the game title and everything on!) and let Kojima-san sign it for me. AND THEN WE SHOOK HANDS!! When they let me out of the line again I had my signed copy of the game and I had shook hands with Hideo Kojima! I was shaking. I tried to say thank you in Japanese when I got the autograph, but I just couldn’t. TehShien did, but he only managed to stutter it. BUT HE GOT AN “ARIGATO” BACK, THE BASTARD! (I’m playfully overreacting, just so you know. *hides bloody knife*). Here is a picture or two of the autograph I got and then I’ll just add some videos, if we caught any good ones. Hopefully I caught Kojima-san on picture, but I’m not certain I did …

Here's the autograph, folks!

Here's the autograph, folks!

And here's a bright close-up!

And here's a bright close-up!

The video is bad and the sound is annoyingly loud (it’s not like you hear anything interesting), but at least you get to see Hideo Kojima several times, signing Metal Gear games. If you wonder what someone says about half way into the video, it’s my friend (the one who took the pictures and recorded this video) who says, “it has bad graphic quality, this thing,” in Swedish.


Hideo Kojima to Sweden on Saturday

20 11 2008

All I can really say is, “OMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFG!!!!!111oneone1” and that isn’t even enough. Hideo Kojima, the GENIUS behind the Metal Gear series and one of the biggest names in the gaming world is coming to Sweden on Saturday (November 22) to, for two hours, sign copies of Metal Gear Solid 4 at Webhallen on Sveavägen, Stockholm that, for this one day only, will go for only 399 SEK (approx. $50 USD) – and remember, this comes with an autograph by Hideo Kojima himself! Unfortunately it’s only for the PS3, but hey – it still comes with an autograph from the HIDEO KOJIMA!!! You know.

Metal Gear Solid 4 gameplay

Metal Gear Solid 4 game-play

Source: Webhallen.com via Hissatsu.se

I’m back!

3 09 2008

ただいま tadaima

So, the 10th of August, I believe it was, the database I was using (and paying for, btw) for all my sites crashed and everything got ruined. WHERE THE HELL DID MY BACKUPS GO!?
I actually closed down several of my sites except Hissatsu.se which just got back up on it’s feet (although I had to start over with members and topic and everything again) and the Onsen Studio site, one of them being my former blog called Makkun’s Place. Of course, I still couldn’t find my backups. Isn’t that great? I never started the blog again before now because I didn’t feel it was worth it, but after browsing some other blogs with the same idea as mine had I suddenly just had to start one again. And so I did. I’m back.

Yokaze desu!

夜風です yokaze desu

I am now Yokaze, the Night Wind. Yokaze means night wind. Yes, I no longer use Makkun for my mangaka pen name. That’s all. Good night, folks. Although, the time is only six o’clock PM here in Sweden …