Happy new year!

31 12 2008

Happy new year, friends! :D

2009 is finally here, but so far not much is known about it. What will come? What is it we are waiting so for? Hopefully it’s something good (like the new Eureka Seven movie), but without a doubt there will come disappointments as well (like the Hollywood Dragonball movie). I will keep on blogging and hope you will continue following it because, let’s face it, without you readers I won’t be able to carry on! Anyway, enough of this, I’ve got some other stuff to do (I wanted this day off… T_T). See you later!

Happy new year, everyone!

Happy new year, everyone!


New Dragonball: Evolution trailer

11 12 2008

I’m getting sick of switching between “Dragon Ball” and “Dragonball,” damn it! Well well, I’ll just keep confusing you.

The Hollywood Dragonball movie, Dragonball: Evolution (working name, may differ when released), has now a set release date of 3.13, the thirteenth of March next year, and a new trailer which have actually gotten my hopes up a little bit – but only because of the attack at the end of it. Mostly, anyway. No matter if this seems interesting or not when it comes out will probably make no difference in my case, though, I will watch this movie anyway; I just hope it isn’t all awful crap. But I’ve gotta stick with my theory that a non-Japanese person playing a Japanese person (actually a person from another planet) does not look real. Bulma looks cool, though! The new Lara Croft, anyone? Anyway, watch the trailer, make up your mind and wait for 3.13, either to watch it or complain that this horrible phenomenon has actually occured.

So what do you think?

Source: IGN Movies via Anime News Network, AnimeNation, and Dannychoo

Astro Boy movie teaser is finally out

21 11 2008

Yes, it’s true. Although … Yes, it is! Watch the new Astro Boy Hollywood movie teaser or download it here and then … I don’t have an opinion because I haven’t watched it yet.

Astro Boy is waving!

Astro Boy is waving!

Source: Cinematical via Akaa.se

Stuff to shake for, and “Happy Moe Day!”

10 10 2008

I feel wrong spamming my own blog like this, but I have a few things for you to shake for!

  • Wario destroys Youtube’s webpage! Don’t believe me? See for yourself over att Youtube now!
  • A new teaser for the Hollywood Dragonball movie is out! Check it out over at dbthemovie.com!
  • Once again you can watch Katekyou Hitman REBORN! so for all fans besides me out there, rejoice!
  • Today, October 10th, is the annual Moe Day! You want to know why? Well, take the kanji for moe 萌 and split it into four different kanji you get 十日十月 which means just October 10th, making today (10/10) Moe Day! Happy Moe Day!