Do you know about iKnow?

24 10 2008

Hopefully you do, otherwise I will have to tell you about it. And even if you do know about it, I will tell you anyway.

A while ago I found a site named “iKnow!” and I was going to write about it as soon as I had checked out what I could do on it, but I completely forgot. I’m sorry! Anyway, iKnow! is a great new site for learning either Japanese or English, assuming you already know the other, and a good way to meet other people with the same as you. For learning Japanese (I’m already fluent in English so I haven’t tried out any English courses and therefore I can’t tell you exactly how those work, but I’m guessing it’s pretty much the same as the other courses) there are several practices: you can Launch iKnow! where you first get introduced to new kanji (or kana or whatever it is you are currently studying) and then get to repeat and repeat, over and over, until they’re stuck to your mind; you can Launch Dictation where you may review what you already know and build up your vocabulary (I think; I havent really tried it out yet); you can Launch BrainSpeed, which is a fun (and stressful) quiz game where you get a word and two options and you have to choose the correct one; and you can, if you meet the “Japan only” requirement, Activate Mobile, whatever that means.
iKnow! is still in beta version so bugs may occur (even though I haven’t noticed any yet), but it works perfectly well, all the courses and applications I’ve tried out so far, so register your very own account at and start studying Japanese or English (it’s probably Japanese you’re trying to learn if you can actually read this, though) now! If you want, you can check out my account and how my studying is going at, but you don’t have to; however, I will not say no to a friend request unless you’re an insane stalker out to kill me painfully after torturing me for three years in a cellar in California.
When you have registered, logged in and become my friend, check out the hiragana and katakana lessons here and start your journey towards the Japanese language (unless you’re going to study English; than you may stop reading now. Bye!) or, if you already know the two sets of kana characters, check out the Core 2000 courses or, if you’re even more advanced than so, the Core 6000 courses.

Well then, time for to continue studying, and once again I’m sorry for forgetting to tell you earlier. OTL

Just to make a ranking, I give iKnow! beta     (I still never give out five out of five possibles, unless I die and get revived by the greatness of something). Seriously, let iKnow! help you when learning Japanese, it will help you and no one will judge you for it!