Madhouse does Marvel anime

19 11 2008

Is this a good concept? Probably not, but for all those who likes both Marvel comics (unlike me, I just don’t like non-manga comics) and manga maybe this is a great way for squeezing the last pennies of soon-to-be-pennyless fools. I’m just cranky ’cause I haven’t gotten my beauty sleep yet, please forgive me. I’m probably going to check these out myself … maybe not. Who knows? We’ll see. I’ll see. During spring 2010, Animax (a Japanese TV channel) will air the first twelve episodes of Ironman and Wolverine. Am I excited? Not really, but maybe I’ll check it out. Or not. Okay then, folks, while I keep rambling nonsense, please be good boys and girls don’t disobey your parents. Good night!

Actually … WAIT, DAMMIT! Don’t walk away when I’m talking to you. Geez …
Anyway, if you are like me and don’t really like non-manga comics, then maybe there is a reason you may enjoy this little project anyway, just listen (or read) to this:

To better appeal to Japanese fans, Marvel’s superheroes, including Ironman and Wolverine, will be retrofitted with new looks and backstories that touch on local culture and Japanese history.

After reading that last quote, I got a bit interested, actually. And now that I have actually said “actually” seven times, actually counting the ones used in this sentence and the one follow, I actually think it’s time for me to enter some tags, specify a category or two and press publish and GO TO BED! Actually.

Source: The Variety