Instead of school, watch Elementhunters on NHK-Educational

22 01 2009

That’s right. Why go to school when you can stay home and watch the sci-fi adventure anime Elementhunters on Nippon Housou Kyoukai’s (日本放送協会; nippon housou kyoukai, nihon housou kyoukai), more commonly known as NHK, educational channel NHK-Educational and learn chemical elements from your own living room or wherever you decide to get comfortable and learn. The obvious answer is that all your friends are at school, right? Or, well, at least they should be. Anyway, NHK launches a new anime called Elementhunters which is meant to teach children chemical elements as well as entertain them (I assume) this July. Elementhunters will also be aired in Korea as it is a joint production between Korea and Japan; however, I’m not sure when the Korean version will start airing.



Hopefully (maybe), NHK has planned out the series’ airtime better than to place it right in the middle of the school day, otherwise the students maybe will stay home instead of going to school. Seriously, if you had the choice of going to school or staying home, watching anime, what would you do?

Source: Moon Phase via Anime News Network


It’s finally here!

29 12 2008

As mentioned earlier, I placed an import order on for some Japanese products, and guess what a woman working at the post office delivered to my door? That’s right (unless you just said something else than the obvious answer), the package with my imports! I wonder if she brought the package right home since we live in the same apartment building and she noticed the package was addressed to someone at her address, because we have never gotten any deliveries delivered right to our door before. Anyway, since I have no digital camera of my own, I had to take all pictures of package and its insides, so prepare yourself for some low-quality pictures. I hope you can at least see what the pictures are of. Why are there so many watermarks? Well, I wanted the watermarks to be at the same location on all the pictures so I spent (or should I say wasted?) a long time trying to find a free online service that would let me do so since Photoshop wouldn’t and the service I finally ended up using had to ruin the picture even more. Well, try to enjoy the pictures anyway!

The package, touched by none except a few thousand people.

The package, touched by none except a few thousand people.

I was really psyched and ecstatic when I received the package at the door and I almost started dancing. (Hey, you there, wait… GIVE ME THAT CAMERA!!) I have also ordered something else from that I hope will come soon, and I hope the happiness when that package arrives won’t be any lesser than what I experience today.

Early Christmas in Japan

2 11 2008

As Halloween comes to an end the Japanese starts Christmas early. As early as yesterday many stores were filled with fifteen meter tall Christmas trees, decorated with shining Christmas balls in different colors and decorative snowflakes on every twig. If you want to start your Christmas just a bit earlier than you maybe would were you currently are, go to Japan!

Check out this news report video from the main Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo!

Source: JapanProbe

Nintendo DSi

1 11 2008

Today was the release date for the new Nintendo DSi; however, because I don’t live in Japan just yet I have absolutely no images and absolutely nothing interesting to tell you about it. Just that it has a camera on the outside and a camera on the inside, a slot for SD cards, a slightly longer stylus, larger screens and a new boot menu (I think). I’ve read about the new hand-held console for quite a while on different blogs and such, and now that it is released I have been desperately looking around for new posts. Post-posts that will tell about the DSi instead of old pre-posts that only tell when the game is to be released. The only post that I have found so far that fully meet that requirement (unlike this post) is “DSi Review” on! If anybody wasn’t interested in the DSi before, after reading the previously linked or any other blog post about it (after it’s release) on the internet will surely be interested now. I was interested, curious and waiting already before it came, and now that I have read more about it and it has been released in Japan I can’t stand the wait! Come DSi! Come to Sweden! Come to me!

Well, I’ll just have to wait. If it’s possible. Until the DSi becomes available where you live (or maybe it has, you lucky bastard), check out the previously linked blog post, the video below and any source you may find telling you about it you can find on the internet – reading up about something may help you stand the wait. It may also make it even more unbearable, for some people. It’s your choice what you want to do, just don’t go to Japan without me. :)

I’ve changed my mind …

10 10 2008

Instead of just trying out the few series that seems okay this seasons I am going to watch at least episode 1 of every show and then decide which ones I am going to continue watching and also give you a short review for all of them (not long ones like those with Hyakko, Toradora! and Casshern Sins … I think … I hope). The ones I have watched with the previous weekend is Casshern Sins, Toradora! and Hyakko and Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka is still waiting and now when I’m back for yet another weekend I have so far downloaded (although they are not all finished) Kannagi, Kuroshitsuji, Kyou no Go no Ni (TV), Shikabane Hime: Aka, Tales of the Abyss (the one I started last week was still at 0.0% downloaded), Macademi WAsshoi (man, that was a quick download – less than a minute without forced start), Ga-Rei -Zero- (also a fast download) and I’m still not finished. :)

EDIT: Now I have downloaded/started downloading To Aru Majutsu no Index (right after I originally finished this post) and Yozakura Quartet. That’s all I could find. The rest, I guess, still have to go TV in Japan first or be distributed for download (yay, illegalness is what makes a sentence great). See you next time when I’m gonna review more of this season’s new anime!

P.S. After this weekend I won’t be able to watch anime until the weekend after the coming one, because then I’m going to visit my older brother and next week Bleach is finally off it’s long filler arc (unless it’s a skip week or something, I’m not watching until the fillers are over). Oh my, now many downloads are getting finished – time for anime marathon!