This is 夜風記 【よかぜのしるし】!

16 01 2009

That’s rights! Yokaze’s Place 夜風の所, which was never a great name, has now acquired a new title: 「夜風記」. It is pronounced as 「よかぜのしるし」 (not 「よかぜき」), or “yokaze no shirushi,” and literally means “Yokaze’s Narrative,” or “Yokaze’s Chronicle.” The plan was to quit using the service and start using the service instead (the difference is that is restricted and uploaded with “” after whatever you choose to use for your blog’s domain while is less restricted and free as long as you get your web hotel and domain at another front), but there seems to be some problem with connecting to my MySQL database and I did like this for the moment, changing the title and content slightly on this current blog and making a simple redirect from the new domain “” Anyway, this works fine, right? The problem with my database will probably fix itself soon, and otherwise I’ll just contact my web hotel and have them fix whatever the problem actually is and soon I will be able to use more plugins and have much more freedom as a blogger. If you notice the word “Yokaze’s Blog,” 「夜風の所」 or both anywhere on this blog except when written in an older post, please contact me so I can fix this, and if you see it somewhere else at the web, please notify them that the blog has changed title, thank you.


What do you think of my new header? Yes, I love Kannagi. :D

Also, as I said in my previous post, I will be going to Uppsala here in Sweden for my first ever convention UppCon:09 (click here for a translated version) and I won’t be back until Sunday evening. Since I won’t be bringing my new laptop (it is still too new, I can’t take that risk – yes, I’m a worrier about some things) and therefore you won’t be getting any news from me during this weekend and I probably won’t post anything at all until I get home to Stockholm, but this may vary. I gotta get up in less than–three hours? OMFG, I gotta go to bed!!–so see you Sunday, everyone! I don’t have a camera, so I promise I won’t bring lots of pictures back from the convention, but pictures will be available at (click here for a translated version) during the whole weekend. ^^;


Bad health puts Kannagi on hiatus

7 12 2008

Due to the author’s bad health, Eri Takenashi’s manga Kannagi is put on hiatus until further notice. I have been so busy that I have not been able to catch up to this series yet, so it doesn’t affect me in a bad way as my situation is right now, but for all those hardcore fans that eagerly awaits the new chapters every month will have a hard time for a while to come. I’m so sorry I won’t be sharing your depression, but good luck with it!

Monthly Comic REX announces that Kannagi will be put on hiatus.

Monthly Comic REX announces that Kannagi will be put on hiatus.

Source: 2ch News Navigator via

I’m falling for this Fall 2008!

5 10 2008

Can you believe it? A total of 41 new anime shows starting this fall! That’s seriously too much, NOBODY will be able to watch all of them! And that is a shame because of the ones I’ve seen yet and what my friends tell me they are almost all of them great! I wish I could just stop time for a few days every week so I could watch them all, but I’m busy as it is and not even a time-stopper could help me now. It’s so sad, so much great things going to waste (in my case) … Anyway, what I was going to write in this post was just a list of the new series of this fall in case you can’t keep track on it yourself (but hey, don’t try to watch them all – you’ll croak). I will also give reviews on the new shows that I watch as I did with Casshern Sins, Toradora! and Hyakko, so expect this weekend to a spam-like one! I’ll write them first in order of starting-date and then by their first letters. Click on the titles for more information on the show on it’s repsective Wikipedia page or on the [ANN] for their respective Anime News Network encyclopedia page.

Started on September 28th
Hakushaku to Yosei [ANN]

Started on October 1st
Casshern Sins [ANN]
Hyakko [ANN]
Noramimi 2 [ANN]
Rosario+Vampire Capu2 [ANN]
Toradora! [ANN]

Started on October 2nd
Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka [ANN]
Clannad ~After Story~ [ANN]
Kuroshitsuji [ANN]
Shikabane Hime: Aka [ANN]
Yozakura Quartet [ANN]

Started on October 3rd
Hokuto no Ken – Raoh Gaiden Ten no Haoh [ANN]
Kurogane no Linebarrels [ANN]
Tales of the Abyss [ANN]
Tentai Senshi Sunred [ANN]

Started yesterday (Oct 4th)
Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae [ANN]
Kannagi [ANN]
Kemeko Deluxe! [ANN]
Shugo Chara!! Doki [ANN]
To Aru Majutsu no Index [ANN]
Zettai Yareru Girisha Shinwa

Starting today (Oct 5th)
Ga-Rei -Zero- [ANN]
Inazuma Eleven [ANN]
Kyou no Go no Ni TV [ANN]
Live On Cardliver Kakeru [ANN]
Macademi Wasshoi! [ANN]
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season [ANN]
Skip Beat! [ANN]

Starting tomorrow (Oct 6th)
Bihada Ichizoku [ANN]
ef – a tale of melodies [ANN]
Vampire Knight Guilty [ANN]

Starts on October 7th
Kurozuka [ANN]
Mouryou no Hako [ANN]
One Outs [ANN]

Starts on October 8th
Stitch! [ANN]

Starts on October 9th
Chäos;HEAd [ANN]
Tytania [ANN]

Starts on October 10th
Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter [ANN]

Starts on October 11th
Junjo Romantica 2 [ANN]

Starts on October 12th
Negibouzu no Asatarou

Starts on October 15th
Michiko to Hatchin [ANN]

This has probably taken me more than two hours! XD
I hope not. Anyway, this is (as I’ve said before) way too much to start watching it all, but I’ll check out at least a few more of them and I will of course leave a few words for each of them. Until then, don’t start more than you can handle! :)