It’s finally here!

29 12 2008

As mentioned earlier, I placed an import order on for some Japanese products, and guess what a woman working at the post office delivered to my door? That’s right (unless you just said something else than the obvious answer), the package with my imports! I wonder if she brought the package right home since we live in the same apartment building and she noticed the package was addressed to someone at her address, because we have never gotten any deliveries delivered right to our door before. Anyway, since I have no digital camera of my own, I had to take all pictures of package and its insides, so prepare yourself for some low-quality pictures. I hope you can at least see what the pictures are of. Why are there so many watermarks? Well, I wanted the watermarks to be at the same location on all the pictures so I spent (or should I say wasted?) a long time trying to find a free online service that would let me do so since Photoshop wouldn’t and the service I finally ended up using had to ruin the picture even more. Well, try to enjoy the pictures anyway!

The package, touched by none except a few thousand people.

The package, touched by none except a few thousand people.

I was really psyched and ecstatic when I received the package at the door and I almost started dancing. (Hey, you there, wait… GIVE ME THAT CAMERA!!) I have also ordered something else from that I hope will come soon, and I hope the happiness when that package arrives won’t be any lesser than what I experience today.


Import manga worth 8705¥

9 12 2008

Before I wrote the two latest posts earlier today, I looked around beNippon for manga and stuff, and after a long while of adding and removing almost all of their manga sortiment to/from the shop cart, I came to a total of 8705¥, about $100 or 80€, shipping and payment method fee included. The cost for the things I bought alone came to 4180¥, the shipping fee at 4150¥ and payment method fee at 375¥. Do you care? Probably not, but I wanted to fill out this post with some text before coming to the interesting (maybe?) part. What I bought wasn’t figures or anything like that, but imported manga, as the title says. I purchased volumes one, two, and three of the original, Japanese version Kannagi manga, a Katekyou Hitman REBORN! official character guide, and two One Piece data books: One Piece YELLOW: Grand Elements and One Piece BLUE: Grand Data File.

A list of what I bought, but I will not give you my full name and address.

A list of what I bought, but I will not give you my full name and address. Is that okay?

Everything I bought is in their original Japanese versions, but I only think there are Japanese items on beNippon. My friend over at Akaa has bought stuff and got them from beNippon several times and says it’s safe, so I assume it is. Man, I wish I had purchased more stuff… But I gotta have some money left to buy christmas presents which I frankly should’ve gotten already.

Limited Edition Naruto box

31 10 2008

I just got home from late shopping (although, the time is only about half past six here, right now … maybe not so late after all) after having had dinner with my brother and his girlfriend (they had just come to Stockholm for a day to get visas – they’re going to China without me!) and, as usual, I got home with lots of new manga and stuff. Today, the biggest item on my shopping list was the Naruto Limited Edition box containing volumes one through twenty-seven, a double-sided poster (folded and therefore ruined) that I haven’t really checked out yet and probably won’t use (because, as mentioned earlier, it is folded and therefore ruined) and a special Naruto booklet; whatever is in it I don’t know because I haven’t checked that out either. More than the Naruto box I got volumes two through six of D.Gray-man, volume nine of Katekyou Hitman REBORN! (or simply Reborn!) and volumes one of the following series: MÄR, Nora, B Ichi and Elemental Gelade. Seeing as I already had maybe twenty volumes of different series to read, after adding thirty-seven new volumes, again of different series, I probably won’t be able to say, “I’ve got nothing fun to do,” for quite a while. Unless I spend all night reading it all – but I don’t think even I could pull that off; at least not while still interested.

I’d give you some pictures if I had some; however, I do still not own a working camera. And no, I am not a narutard – just a regular old (although, not old) otaku.

EDIT: There also was a Limited Edition box like the Naruto one for Bleach and Death Note; however, I am currently collecting all the Death Note volumes a few at a time and I’m almost half way to getting them all and the Bleach volumes offered in the Limited Edition box I had just bought when I noticed the box that, besides containing a few extra Limited Edition items, cost almost 1000 SEK less than what I had just payed, purchasing all the volumes only a few at a time at several occasions. That’s the reason, actually, that I got the Naruto box for almost 1500 SEK, saving even more than 1000 SEK (actually making up for buying the Bleach volumes at different times) – and that’s my absolute proof that I am, in fact, not a narutard.

I’m back, Mao-chan~

19 10 2008

I just came back from Norrköping and my brother and I’m soon to leave again. Actually, I didn’t come right home when I got off the train, I visited SF Bokhandeln and got some more manga first, but more about that later.

This week has been more a personal matter than something I really want to talk about in a blog accessible by the whole world (or at least by the people with internet access – and can read and understand English), so I’ll keep it short and questionable (maybe). We went bowling yesterday – disco bowling; it was fun but it wasn’t exactly my best game ever played. Before bowling I ate pizza. That’s it for you.
On my train ride home (almost two hours, or 107 minutes to be a little more exact – a few minutes may vary) I read some Katekyou Hitman REBORN! (about a volume) and then drew the rest of the time. My style is starting to look a bit like the one of Tite Kubo, author of Bleach and Zombie Powder. XD

At SF Bokhandeln I got the manga Mao-chan (therefore the title) with story by Akamatsu Ken and art by Ran from 2002, although completely new in English – I have only read chapter one and two so far, but it seems quite fun; however, it could be better … if you’re a Akamatsu Ken fan, you may want to check it out, and if your a die-hard Akamatsu Ken fan you have to get it, because his name is on the cover page (that’s the reason I got it, really) – and volume one to nine of One Piece. Oh, and I got yet another volume of Death Note (now I have ten volumes and still haven’t gotten a volume with a higher number on the cover than five).

When I got home, I remember now, I had gotten a package from CDON with seasons one to three of Two and a Half Men (great show, check it out) and four two-in-one DVDs (that is eight movies, and I got them all for the price of only one regular or cheaper twin pack DVD). Anyway, now I have to eat. Seriously, I have to eat, otherwise I’ll croak! Bye bye, friends.

Stuff to shake for, and “Happy Moe Day!”

10 10 2008

I feel wrong spamming my own blog like this, but I have a few things for you to shake for!

  • Wario destroys Youtube’s webpage! Don’t believe me? See for yourself over att Youtube now!
  • A new teaser for the Hollywood Dragonball movie is out! Check it out over at!
  • Once again you can watch Katekyou Hitman REBORN! so for all fans besides me out there, rejoice!
  • Today, October 10th, is the annual Moe Day! You want to know why? Well, take the kanji for moe 萌 and split it into four different kanji you get 十日十月 which means just October 10th, making today (10/10) Moe Day! Happy Moe Day!

Toradora! – Episode 1

4 10 2008

This is the second of four new anime shows I picked up today, all of them new this autumn. Unlike the artwork and story of Casshern Sins (read previous entry) I really loved all about this show! Toradora! has great art (that also resembles the art of one of my other favorite shows, Katekyo Hitman REBORN!) and, even though the ending suggests it is a developing harem story which I usually don’t like (To LOVEる has it’s moments though), has a great story so far and will hopefully stick to it. Right?

Anyway, unlike Casshern Sins (unless you’re a huge fan of bug-eyed robot-men in white tights no matter the story or progress), Toradora! is a complete must-see, and if you don’t you will probably end up regretting it all your life. So do yourself a favor, and at least check it out! I hope you, as well as I did, will like love it. :)

Summary and idiotic comments.

So, the anime starts with two cute birds (unlike the parrot we’ll meet later …) on an electrical wire (right?). It’s a cute scene until they get shocked and fall, grilled, to the ground.

“I don’t like my new hairstyle. >_>;”

And as if it weren’t enough he has awesome blue hair, he has the hottest mom ever as well. I wonder if the fact that she’s your mother would ruin seeing even her naked after a shower or by whatever twist of fate …

No, it wouldn’t. She’s not only the hottest mom ever, but she is also the cutest mom ever. GAH!! That’s unfairness for you (one of the reasons I usually hate harem anime).

Too bad she’s a prostitute …

… and formerly married to this love-to-hate lecherous guy.

Can’t you see it’s driving your son insane?


Oh yeah, an extra from Akira has sneaked into this production as well.

Oh my … GOD! Unfairness to real life strikes again!

Now I’m almost getting mad but the tears in her eyes make my unable to.

Initiating moe … please wait …

Otaku love for the win! MOE!

Otaku love for the win, yeah. Exactly. To be honest, harem anime is unfair to real life (I just can’t stress that enough). No wonder otakus develops into sociopath hikikomoris that only waste their time watching lolicon hentai and porn … Ah, who cares, we only have one life to ruin socially, right? (Stay away from harem anime at least one week every two months and you should be alright. I pray.)
Enough joking (although it lies some truth in it), it’s time for you guys who haven’t already to watch Toradora! episode 1 NOW! Okay? Do we have a deal? No we don’t! Just watch it, alright?

…. I’m tired.

P.S. I’m also gonna try and watch Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka and Hyakko before next day comes, but I won’t write anything about them (meaning I will). See you! ^^