Two more anime streamed on ANNtv

11 12 2008

As I mentioned earlier this week, ANNtv (Anime News Network’s online TV channel) streamed the anime Kite: Liberator, a sequel to the 1998 OVA Kite, only for North American viewers, though, and now it’s time for more! With start December fifteenth, ANNtv will be streaming two new anime shows other than the Kite sequel, namely Girl’s High and Ramen Fighter Miki. I have seen a few episodes from Girl’s High before and all I can remember is the girls finding a vibrating sex toy in a hotel room in the end of one episode… Ramen Fighter Miki isn’t a work I’ve heard much about, but just the word “ramen” gets me interested in the show because I LOVE RAMEN!! Anyway, the Anime News Network anime streaming service is still only available to North American users and I won’t be able to watch this shows on ANNtv, but I can get my hands on it in some other way.

"Welcome to Girl's High!"

Welcome to Girl's High!

Source: Anime News Network


Anime News Network starts streaming anime

9 12 2008

Online streaming seems to be latest hot thing in the anime world, and now ANNtv starts the streaming business as well. If you don’t know what ANNtv is, it’s a “streaming video platform” launched 2008 with Anime News Network self-produced editorial content, according to the Anime News Network website. Anyway, today their first streamed anime (together with almost 400 trailers and 32 anime episodes), Kite: Liberator, the sequel OVA Kite from 1998, has been released; however, only for North American audience. That’s too bad, the preview image at Anime News Network welcome page show some really nice art and just that can get me very interested. Maybe it’s for the best, in my case, though, since I haven’t watched the original OVA Kite or even heard of it before… To you North American dudes and dudettes (hmm, where did I get that line?), do check out the ANNtv over at Anime News Network, and to you non-North American dude and dudettes (oh yeah, from Mao-chan), check it out in your locale “we import all your otaku needs” store or at Amazon or beNippon, it might be good. If you want to know more first, remember that Wikipedia is your friend.

Don't you think the art is very nice and intriguing?

Don't you find the art is very nice and intriguing?

Source: Anime News Network