Kurokami – Episode 1

6 01 2009

The new winter anime season has started and so far five new shows have started – or at least that’s the number of shows I’ve yet decided check out. The first contender for 2009 is Kurokami, or Black God, based on the korean manga (yes, not “manhwa”) by Dall-Young Lim and Sung-Woo Park, who, funnily but totally irrelevant, made his debut the year I was born, 1993.

The first episode starts with the main character in a puddle of blood. Why?

The first episode starts with the main character in a puddle of blood. Why?

As always, I suck at making reviews on anything, really, so I’ll try to keep this short; maybe it will make a little sense. The first episode of Kurokami begins with Keita Ibuki (伊吹慶太 Ibuki Keita) riding his bike through the part of Japan where he lives- no wait, that’s not the beginning. Sorry, have been fixing some other stuff since I watched the episode… Anyway, the first episode of Kurokami starts out with Keita Ibuki lying dead on the ground, blood filling the canvas that is the ground his dead body lies on. This may sound like a spoiler, what I just said, but since it is the absolute first thing that happens you were going to find out about it as soon as you watched the episode yourself and can’t really be considered a huge spoiler. After we see Keita’s dead body and (supposedly) his blood  on the ground we get to see the girl that later introduces herself as “Kuro” (meaning “black” in Japanese), fleeing from some unidentified men in black costumes, followed by a woman with long orange hair riding the train. She is talking on the phone with Keita and to not make this a complete summary of exactly everything that happens in this episode I will stop talking right now.

It's Kuro!

It's Kuro!

I must say, this review seems to being going quite OK, at least for being one of my reviews. Maybe? Anyway, when I first started watching this episode I thought that maybe it wasn’t the same Kurokami that I had recently read the first chapter of the manga of, but something else with the same name, since, the way I recall the first manga chapter, the manga and anime weren’t even the slightest bit alike – until Keita meets Kuro and Punipuni at the ramen stand. Then I was sure it was the same story I had read earlier in an issue of Yen Plus. I have to get the manga, because everything points at this being a great manga – even though it’s created by Korean authors. Not that it’s anything wrong with that, just that Korean authors more often make “manhwa” than manga, and those two are definitely not the same thing. Man, I can’t focus on less than twenty-eight things at once… I don’t think there is much more I can write now, though, without simply giving away everything that happens in the episode, and that’s not what I’m writing this for, so I’ll just add another picture and then a gallery with pictures from the episode, if you’re interested. Oh yeah, this is definitely one of the shows from the early anime season of 2009 you have to check out!




Import manga worth 8705¥

9 12 2008

Before I wrote the two latest posts earlier today, I looked around beNippon for manga and stuff, and after a long while of adding and removing almost all of their manga sortiment to/from the shop cart, I came to a total of 8705¥, about $100 or 80€, shipping and payment method fee included. The cost for the things I bought alone came to 4180¥, the shipping fee at 4150¥ and payment method fee at 375¥. Do you care? Probably not, but I wanted to fill out this post with some text before coming to the interesting (maybe?) part. What I bought wasn’t figures or anything like that, but imported manga, as the title says. I purchased volumes one, two, and three of the original, Japanese version Kannagi manga, a Katekyou Hitman REBORN! official character guide, and two One Piece data books: One Piece YELLOW: Grand Elements and One Piece BLUE: Grand Data File.

A list of what I bought, but I will not give you my full name and address.

A list of what I bought, but I will not give you my full name and address. Is that okay?

Everything I bought is in their original Japanese versions, but I only think there are Japanese items on beNippon. My friend over at Akaa has bought stuff and got them from beNippon several times and says it’s safe, so I assume it is. Man, I wish I had purchased more stuff… But I gotta have some money left to buy christmas presents which I frankly should’ve gotten already.

D.Gray-man is put on hiatus … again

19 11 2008

Once again the manga D.Gray-man, published in Weekly Shonen Jump, is once again put on hiatus, this time due to the author Katsura Hoshino’s bad health. No date (not even an estimate) has been set for the manga’s continuation yet and how long this sorrowful streak will go on is just a wait-and-see game, for now.

So far you can get your hands on eleven volumes of the D.Gray-man manga in English out of the so far 16 volumes made. IMHO, D.Gray-man is one of the best manga I’ve ever read, so don’t let the word “exorcist” stop you from reading it, if it sounds weird. It is not religious like that, it’s just plainly awesome.

Valkyria Chronicles anime in 2009

14 11 2008

The game called Valkyria Chronicles which I have never really played myself is going to be an anime next year – spring 2009, to be more precise. If you have played the game and like it, cross your fingers (or whatever you do) and pray for nothing bad to happen, cancelling the show. It probably won’t, but you never know. Now pray!

I’m back for the weekend after two or at least one week without coming home in-between (on weekends, that is) and I will now explode this blog with interesting news, assuming any interesting stuff has happened while I was gone. Sorry for the delay, but as soon as I get out of that place completely I will write news every day! Look forward to it. ^^

EDIT: Yesterday I got my hands on a new Stephen King book from 2008 (I believe), called “Duma Key.” I haven’t read it yet, but hopefully it’s as good as all his other books. I also got volume 6 of the Swedish edition of Death Note yesterday, after purchasing lots of other manga on an occasion before that.

Free manga and anime for three years!

4 11 2008

Tezuka Productions created by Tezuka Osamu, the God and father of manga, launched a new site yesterday (November 4) that will under a three years period upload 700 manga and 100 anime titles, free for online reading and watching. The launch of the site will mark the 80 years anniversary of Tezuka Osamu himself. The Japanese is already opened since a while ago, I hear, and they already have several manga and anime titles uploaded for reading and watching, but you still need to download some sort of plug-in to read and watch, if I’ve heard right. I haven’t myself checked out the site yet, so I can’t really explain with a 100% certainty, but I tell you what I’ve read and heard from other people and blogs, and if you don’t believe what I write you can always check it out yourself. Visit TesukaOsamu.net now! :)

The site is supposed to offer all free stuff, but how long that will hold I really can’t say.

EDIT: Thanks to Kitsune (and at a later point also Akaa) for pointing this out! Apparently, only a portionof the uploaded manga and anime on the site will be free, but at least its something, I guess.

Another week has gone.

26 09 2008

It certainly has, and it was a most fun one. :P
At least parts of it.

I don’t have that much to tell you about this week, but I’ll tell you what I do have. To tell you.
I, of course, brought home more manga and stuff home after this week: vol 1-13 of Bleach, would’ve had up to 14 if I hadn’t accidently bought two copies of vol 2; vol 1-4 of the kiddy shojo manga Shugo Chara!; vol 3-5 of the ever so awesome Fullmetal Alchemist; vol 4 of Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunsou (or maybe I did that last week?); the first volume of the new Swedish manga called Kick Off!, just a little bit better than I thought it’d be (honestly, I though it’d be crap); vol 1-2 of REBORN!/Katekyo Hitman REBORN!; and hey, that’s not all! I also got a package (although by then I was already home) with vol 19 of Negima! and vol 1-4 Fairy Tail and the third and latest issue of YEN PLUS. Yeah, I’ve got lots of reading ahead of me, and with my not-old-at-all speakers have broken by not being used for a week (I mean, come on! Geez …) that’s a real good thing. Not that’d I wouldn’t’ve enjoyed it otherwise too. That’s not all, folks, I also did lots (and by lots I obivously mean almost nothing) of other, real fun stuff, mostly with the girl next door. ;)

Have it good folks (why the h*ll do I keep saying that!?), see you next time. Btw, I’m leaving again on Sunday. ^^

P.S. Since, as I told you already, my speakers won’t work as they should I can’t watch any anime right now. Do you know how depressing that is after a week of waiting for just that!? You probably do or don’t, I wouldn’t know.

About my week(s).

21 09 2008

Well then, now I’ll write a little about what I probably should have written about in the previous post instead of all the manga I purchased.

As you know, I have been gone for two weeks, and even though I had to go without anime and stuff I still had a good time. You already know that I got my hands of lots more manga, so you know that I have had stuff to read and do while I were away, but most of the time I watched TV (a few more weeks and MTV will have succesfully brainwashed me) and spent time with my several new friends, especially with the ‘Cutest Girl’ I told you about in an earlier post.

On Monday nights we have movie night and we rent a movie and eat some snacks and so, and since I moved in we have rented a new movie almost every night …
We’ve seen movies like Superhero Movie , Forgetting Sarah Marshall , Knocked Up , Meet the Spartans (I just LOVE this movie, no matter how ridiculous it is! XD), Ping-pongkingen (as I always say about Swedish movies, worst crap ever – I hate Swedish movies except maybe one or two) and probably a few more that I can’t remember right now. We also tried, me and the Cutest Girl, to get The Eye with Jessica Alba, not that it matters, and some other horror flicks, but they won’t rent that … the bastards. ;_;

I have done a few more things but they aren’t stuff I see fit or interesting to talk about, but maybe some other time. Until then, pick up an issue of the new YEN PLUS magazine if you haven’t already and have a great time!

P.S. I still haven’t caught up with the anime I’ve missed these two weeks (almost 40 eps) and I will have to save up as I’m going back for at least another week in probably less than an hour, but I did get to watch Code Geass R2 episodes 22 and 23 and also episodes 100 and 101 of D.Gray-man (is it true D.Gray-man is going to end with 103 or a 104 episodes? :O) and I feel a little more at ease after the two week anime hiatus. I wonder if this eight week period is going to end with me hanging myself … なんちゃって

See you next time! じゃまたね

なんちゃって “nanchatte” – Just kidding!
じゃまたね “ja mata ne” – See you later!