Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE

14 01 2009

Well, I was going to write about this earlier when I found out, but… I was too lazy, that’s it. Anyway, here it is!

You may be very familiar with Megami Tensei, or MegaTen, and may not. The soon two year old MMORPG based on this franchise called Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE was released for non-Japanese players by Aeria Games on the 31st December, 2008. In the game you play as a “Demon Buster,” or simply a “DB.” The game interface is like a combination of an MMORPG, Visual Novel and even a regular adventure game with a story you actually like to follow. Unlike with many other MMORPGs, I actually find myself reading what NPCs say (at least in the beginning, I might get tired at some point) and checking up on the quests and arcs history and why I’m doing them. If you haven’t got too many other MMORPGs you’re playing already, like me, check MegaTen Online out immediately, like me – it’s really good! I took a lot of pictures earlier, but I won’t post them now… I’m still too lazy. Anyway, if you do check out Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE, go to the game page at Aeria Games’ website, register an account, download and install the game client, and contact me so we can play together. I’m called “Rukishou” since “Yokaze” was already taken.


This is my awesome character! :D


The Lord of the Rings: Conquest playable demo

11 01 2009

So I turned on my Xbox 360, automatically connected to Xbox Live and saw a list of new free-to-download content, one of which were a playable demo of Electronic Arts’ and Pandemic Studios’ coming game The Lord of The Rings: Conquest which I decided to download and check out at a later time. The latter time has come and I’m currently playing through the single-player tutorial stage. So far I have gotten to the second post where I can switch control to scout instead of archer or warrior and I have to say that this looks like a great game, even though it’s based on something else (let’s face facts, the best games out there are games created originally to be just games). If you like strategic games and/or MMORPGs, I definitely think you should check out this game, or at least a demo of it to see if it’s really something for you. Well then, now I’m gonna sneak around with my scout and hopefully get control over a mage quite soon!

Should I get it for the Xbox 360 or the PC? Or the Nintendo DS, maybe?

Should I get it for the Xbox 360 or the PC? Or the Nintendo DS, maybe?

Actually (please read the image caption above), should I even get it at all? I think I’m gonna finish this demo before I decide that, but yeah, it is tempting so far. BTW, The Lord of the Rings: Conquest will be available for the Xbox 360, the PC, the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation 3 as of its release January 16, 2009 – next friday! For you in North America the game will be released this tuesday, January 13.

What where these creatures called? Was it "ent?"

Fear the might of the walking trees!

Mabinogi – Fantasy Life

14 11 2008

Nexon, the company behind the amazing MMORPG Maplestory has released a new game called Mabinogi, also a MMORPG for which I have great expectations. I have just downloaded the client and I am currently trying to open the stupid setup (a tip for everyone: NEVER USE VISTA!), and hopefully I will never quit playing Mabinogi! If I can successfully install the game anytime soon, that is. Join the adventure with me by registering and downloading the client at the official webpage.

Okay, maybe the game isn’t exactly new; it seems the game was released on the third day of March this year, only two days before my fifteenth birthday. At least that’s when the first news article in the archive was posted. No wait, I have now checked out the actual news article and guess what! March the 3rd was indeed the date the first news article in the archive was posted on, but the day the game opened (exclusevily for FilePlanet members, apparently) was two days after taht – exactly on my birthday. Hmm, if someone had told me about it on my birthday that had been a great birthday present, but of course I had to wait much longer than that. It just wouldn’t be natural otherwise. Anywho, I’m gonna keep playing Fable: The Lost Chapters which I started playing just about an hour ago, so good bye! It’s great, by the way, Fable: The Lost Chapters. (The Mabinogi setup still hasn’t opened up. Damn you, Vista!)

Installing Mabinogi

Installing Mabinogi


8 11 2008

For a very long time I have made several attempts, every time with a new account, on being a serious Gaia Online member because friends asked me to; however, I would never stay there more than a day or two, I just couldn’t. A few weeks ago (has it really gone that long?) I made yet another new attempt (this time as “Kazeoh,” originally “Kazeou” – Rukishou and Yokaze were both taken, probably by my earlier accounts) and after making one of the tabs that come up when opening my web browser I have been able to remember I’m a member there, although I haven’t been really active. Now, though, there is a reason to be more active, and it’s called zOMG! and is a flash – no downloads – MMORPG that is actually quite fun to play – at least here where I can’t play any download-needed games. Read more about zOMG! here, and do join and play with me. No matter how boring I have always thought Gaia Online was, zOMG! is a great way for me to kill time here when I’ve got nothing else to do. The game has justed started up officially so I will consider this a “News” post.

I’m not a Gaia idiot, I’m just an idiot that has found Gaia to be a little more fun than I thought before.

Fable II

30 10 2008

I came home yesterday and since I have only been playing Fable II. IT’S GREAT! It’s like an epic single-player MMORPG! What is that, you say? Well, isn’t it obvious? It’s Fable! I don’t have more time to waste writing, I have to continue playing, so get the game yourself as well and PLAY AWAY YOUR HOURS!

I’m currently playing on the good path, it feels more right (-eous, of course). I will play an evil assasin or mad man when I’ve finished the game once, because I don’t think that will stop me from playing it again.

I’ve only slept about four hours tonight …

Asda Story

11 10 2008

Out of five stars possible, I give Asda Story:

So, yesterday (may have been today, it was probably after midnight) I was looking around for a new MMORPG, and I found Asda Story and I decided to try it out. When the download and installation was finished, though, it was too late and I was repeatedly watching a freaky clip on Youtube (spare me, OCD) and I had to shut down my computer, so I never tried it. I still haven’t tried the game out, but I am going to now and just wanted to leave a note before. I will not make a new entry when I have tried it out, I think, but rather edit this entry and add a review of the game so far. Hopefully it’s a great one that I won’t lose interest in after a day or two!

I have played now for a while. I played until I reached level 11, but I forgot to take any pictures. If I remember I will fix some for you later, if you’re even interested. It’s a typical korean (I think?) MMORPG with a few different faces and jobs and classes, it’s not much new – except the soulmate thing, whatever that is. I still haven’t checked out all the features of the game, just tried the gameplay out a little and grinded. I cannot guaranteee I will play this for more than a few weeks (I’ve still only got enough access two days a week – at weekends – so we’ll see if I won’t forget it altogether) but I will try, and hopefully it will become better and more fun after a while. If you’re interested you can find out more and download the client and register an account at the official web page and play with me (for as long as I keep playing). That’s it for me – for now. *evil laugh*