27 10 2008

Tonight was movie night. Again. We watched Juno and ate snacks. That’s it.    (If I had rated it while watching it, I probably would’ve just given it  , though.)


Movie night

14 10 2008

Yesh, friendsh. I hash a movie nightsh yeshterdaysh. Yes, friend. I has (had) a movie night yesterday.

“Monday night is movie night. Yesterday it was monday. Yesterday it was movie night. We had been to the Mall for quite some time. We had been shopping food and house supplies. We rented two movies: Breathing Room and Superbad. We bought food at McDonalds. I got talked into getting a Double Cheese Burger on the side of my Big Mac. I should’ve gotten some fruit as well. We got home, our food lying in the back of the car with a lovely, hunger-summoning smell. We got home, and we put Breathing Room in the DVD player and started the TV. We put our food on the living room table. It was dark outside by now, and we made it dark inside as well. Breathing Room never went at the movies. We understand why. It wasn’t more great than to deserve only one or maybe two stars.  
We ate our food, we ate it all. After a while, Breathing Room was over. It had a delightful twist … no, wait – a twist. Not delightful. Not anything other than a twist. We opened up a bag of chips each, me and CG. We watched Superbad. It was hilarious. Truly hilarious. I give it a    , it deserves it.”

– “Movie night
2008, October 14

So, that’s it for now, folks!
Btw, I am soon finished with chapter three of my new book (“The Loremian Journeys“); maybe I’ll let you read it soon. Maybe not. ^^