New One Piece movie to celebrate anime’s 10th anniversary

2 01 2009

Two years after Shueisha’s celebration of Eiichiro Oda’s pirate manga One Piece‘s ANN1 ANN2 10th anniversary it’s Toei Animation’s turn to celebrate the anime’s 10th anniversary by releasing a tenth theatrical movie, aptly named One Piece 10th, 2009. All the previous One Piece movies have premiered in Japanese theatres in early March every year during spring break in Japan; however, I could not find a set date for One Piece 10th to premiere.

According to a research by Oricon, One Piece was the most popular manga of 2008

According to a research by Oricon, One Piece was the most popular manga of 2008!



It’s finally here!

29 12 2008

As mentioned earlier, I placed an import order on for some Japanese products, and guess what a woman working at the post office delivered to my door? That’s right (unless you just said something else than the obvious answer), the package with my imports! I wonder if she brought the package right home since we live in the same apartment building and she noticed the package was addressed to someone at her address, because we have never gotten any deliveries delivered right to our door before. Anyway, since I have no digital camera of my own, I had to take all pictures of package and its insides, so prepare yourself for some low-quality pictures. I hope you can at least see what the pictures are of. Why are there so many watermarks? Well, I wanted the watermarks to be at the same location on all the pictures so I spent (or should I say wasted?) a long time trying to find a free online service that would let me do so since Photoshop wouldn’t and the service I finally ended up using had to ruin the picture even more. Well, try to enjoy the pictures anyway!

The package, touched by none except a few thousand people.

The package, touched by none except a few thousand people.

I was really psyched and ecstatic when I received the package at the door and I almost started dancing. (Hey, you there, wait… GIVE ME THAT CAMERA!!) I have also ordered something else from that I hope will come soon, and I hope the happiness when that package arrives won’t be any lesser than what I experience today.

Jumpland streams anime TODAY!

24 11 2008

Today is the day I mentioned in a post before, the day Shueisha’s website Jumpland will stream three specials that were shown at the Jump Super Anime Tour earlier this year. The three anime specials that will be streamed on the website for free is Dragon Ball with new, original story by the bird-mountain Akira Toriyama himself (Akira’s family name “Toriyama” means bird-mountain) starring Son Goku and the others as well as a new character, Vegeta’s younger brother, a Tegami Beach special that I don’t know anything about, really, and a One Piece special (yeah, enough with the “specials” already) that is based on the manga pilot chapter that goes by the same name as this special, “Romance Dawn.”

You can, as I will as soon as I publish this post and get all this off my mind, watch the anime specials on Jumpland’s website. When I checked out the One Piece special (I haven’t watched it yet, though) it was with Japanese audio and English subtitles; the subtitles, however, may be removed in the Japanese version and the other languages may even have other language audio, I don’t really know. Before you can watch any of the specials (at least if you choose to watch them on Jumpland, and not download it from somewhere else) you will first need to download and install the official Jumpland Manga Browser which you can get here. If you don’t trust to download from my blog, head on over the official website at and click the button that says “Download Browser,” you will still get the same file and the correct program. You can also use this program to watch other anime shows and read manga chapter for free on the Jumpland website, once you’ve downloaded and installed it.

Jumpland streams Dragonball, One Piece and Tegami Beach!

2 11 2008

In the 49th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump (the original Japanese edition) it was announced that, starting November 24, Jumpland is going to stream short movies previously shown in Japan at Jump Super Anime Tour online for free. The titles that are going to be streamed are Dragonball, Tegami Beach and One Piece, both the Dragonball and One Piece (I don’t know about Tegami Beach, though) movies having real story written by their original artists respectively! In the Dragonball short movie we see the friends reunite and meet Vegeta’s little brother and in the One Piece short movie we see how the first edition of One Piece called “Romance Dawn” originally looked like! If you haven’t already watched these movies, do so with me on the 24th!

Jumpland streams Dragonball, One Piece and Tegami beach!

Jumpland streams One Piece, Dragonball and Tegami beach!

I’m back, Mao-chan~

19 10 2008

I just came back from Norrköping and my brother and I’m soon to leave again. Actually, I didn’t come right home when I got off the train, I visited SF Bokhandeln and got some more manga first, but more about that later.

This week has been more a personal matter than something I really want to talk about in a blog accessible by the whole world (or at least by the people with internet access – and can read and understand English), so I’ll keep it short and questionable (maybe). We went bowling yesterday – disco bowling; it was fun but it wasn’t exactly my best game ever played. Before bowling I ate pizza. That’s it for you.
On my train ride home (almost two hours, or 107 minutes to be a little more exact – a few minutes may vary) I read some Katekyou Hitman REBORN! (about a volume) and then drew the rest of the time. My style is starting to look a bit like the one of Tite Kubo, author of Bleach and Zombie Powder. XD

At SF Bokhandeln I got the manga Mao-chan (therefore the title) with story by Akamatsu Ken and art by Ran from 2002, although completely new in English – I have only read chapter one and two so far, but it seems quite fun; however, it could be better … if you’re a Akamatsu Ken fan, you may want to check it out, and if your a die-hard Akamatsu Ken fan you have to get it, because his name is on the cover page (that’s the reason I got it, really) – and volume one to nine of One Piece. Oh, and I got yet another volume of Death Note (now I have ten volumes and still haven’t gotten a volume with a higher number on the cover than five).

When I got home, I remember now, I had gotten a package from CDON with seasons one to three of Two and a Half Men (great show, check it out) and four two-in-one DVDs (that is eight movies, and I got them all for the price of only one regular or cheaper twin pack DVD). Anyway, now I have to eat. Seriously, I have to eat, otherwise I’ll croak! Bye bye, friends.