Web Ghost PiPoPa and Skip Beat! simulcasts on Crunchyroll

11 01 2009

The newest two additions to Crunchyroll’s library of Anime Membership-only simulcasts (the episodes will be available to non-paying users as well, but not as quick “simulcasts”) are Web Ghost PiPoPa, or Net Ghost PiPoPa, about Yuuta Akigawa and Pit, Pot, and Pat, and Skip Beat! about a teenage girl named Kyoko Mogami, and then I don’t know any more… Anyway, join several other members at Crunchyroll and check these shows out, as well as the tons of other programs on the program lineup.

Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat!

Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat!

Source: Anime News Network


Watch Maria†Holic on Anime.tv today

26 12 2008

Animate.tv will stream the fresh anime series Maria†Holic ANN based on Minari Endou’s love comedy manga with the same name for twelve days before the TV premiere. The first episode of the anime will be streamed to registered members of the Japanese site with the latest version of Windows Media Player only and will only be available in Japanese until noon January 6, 2009, so if you wish to see this and do not already know Japanese, quickly learn the language, register over at Animate.tv and watch the streamed episode while it’s still available at the site. Of course, there will be lots of chances to watch the first and other episodes of Maria†Holic in the future, so don’t let it hang over your head if you can’t master a new language in a two weeks period.

I have absolutely no idea who these two are...

I have absolutely no idea who these two are...

Source: Saishin Anime Jouhou and Anime News Network

Tamagotchi anime on Youtube

13 12 2008

A Tamagothchi anime you say? But of course! Anything even the least bit successful in the market should have its own anime, right? Actually, there are several anime adaptions of the Tamagotchi franchise (I’ve heard); however the veterans will not be streamed. Streamed? Oh yes, Bandai will stream the latest Tamagatochi anime adaption for free on Youtube in seven different languages – for free, of course! How can they make an anime of Tamagotchi, though…? Isn’t that just taking advantage of customers? Anyway, who am I to judge; if you want to watch the an anime on Youtube (why would you, that’s so fail) about the little critters from the egg watch (yes, “Tamagotchi” is portmanteau of the Japanese word tamago and the English word watch) then just go ahead and do so.

How could the make an anime out of this?

How can you make an anime out of this?

Source: Nikkei Net via Anime News Network and Akaa

Anime News Network starts streaming anime

9 12 2008

Online streaming seems to be latest hot thing in the anime world, and now ANNtv starts the streaming business as well. If you don’t know what ANNtv is, it’s a “streaming video platform” launched 2008 with Anime News Network self-produced editorial content, according to the Anime News Network website. Anyway, today their first streamed anime (together with almost 400 trailers and 32 anime episodes), Kite: Liberator, the sequel OVA Kite from 1998, has been released; however, only for North American audience. That’s too bad, the preview image at Anime News Network welcome page show some really nice art and just that can get me very interested. Maybe it’s for the best, in my case, though, since I haven’t watched the original OVA Kite or even heard of it before… To you North American dudes and dudettes (hmm, where did I get that line?), do check out the ANNtv over at Anime News Network, and to you non-North American dude and dudettes (oh yeah, from Mao-chan), check it out in your locale “we import all your otaku needs” store or at Amazon or beNippon, it might be good. If you want to know more first, remember that Wikipedia is your friend.

Don't you think the art is very nice and intriguing?

Don't you find the art is very nice and intriguing?

Source: Anime News Network

Free manga and anime for three years!

4 11 2008

Tezuka Productions created by Tezuka Osamu, the God and father of manga, launched a new site yesterday (November 4) that will under a three years period upload 700 manga and 100 anime titles, free for online reading and watching. The launch of the site will mark the 80 years anniversary of Tezuka Osamu himself. The Japanese is already opened since a while ago, I hear, and they already have several manga and anime titles uploaded for reading and watching, but you still need to download some sort of plug-in to read and watch, if I’ve heard right. I haven’t myself checked out the site yet, so I can’t really explain with a 100% certainty, but I tell you what I’ve read and heard from other people and blogs, and if you don’t believe what I write you can always check it out yourself. Visit TesukaOsamu.net now! :)

The site is supposed to offer all free stuff, but how long that will hold I really can’t say.

EDIT: Thanks to Kitsune (and at a later point also Akaa) for pointing this out! Apparently, only a portionof the uploaded manga and anime on the site will be free, but at least its something, I guess.