New Naruto: Shippuuden movie on its way

23 12 2008

In good time to celebrate the Naruto ANN manga’s ten year anniversary the second Naruto: Shippuuden ANN movie, fifth Naruto movie overall, will be released in Japanese theatres during the coming summer of 2009. The recently released teaser only tells the words “Gekijouban Naruto Shippuuden” which literally means “Movie Edition: Naruto Shippuuden,” if I may translate it myself, with no subtitle available. The teaser doesn’t tell very much about the movie or anything at all, but you get to see a few Naruto characters jump around on a black screen, trying to get you excited over the coming movie.

Source: Saishin Anime Jouhou via Anime News Network


Teaser for the new Fullmetal Alchemist anime is out

7 12 2008

Finally there’s a date and a trailer for the new Fullmetal Alchemist anime, based on Hiromu Arakawa‘s manga by the same name. As usual I’m too quick too report (I am aware this is turning out to be old news when I write it) and haven’t watched the teaser trailer myself yet, but I’ve become so extremely excited just by the fact that the new FMA anime finally has a set release day: April 2009! Hopefully it’s as good as it’s predecessor (the original anime which has already ended), but seeing as this show is going to follow the canon story of the manga a more than the previous version, it will probably be even much better. Anyway, enough stressful waiting, here is the teaser for you!

Watching the teaser, wait a few seconds and come back again…

So, I’m back. Hmm, that wasn’t very long. I’m sad; writing about the new anime really made me want to see the teaser, and it wasn’t even half a minute! Anyway, I’m still very psyched about the new Fullmetal Alchemist anime and I can hardly wait for spring 2009 to come!

Source: 2ch News Navigator via Anime News Network,, Akaa and Thais Animeblogg

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari trailer

21 11 2008

After more ten years of production the Tenchi Muyo! spin-off anime Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari is finally finished. Or, you know, at least a trailer for it. I actually don’t know that much and I haven’t even watched the original anime, but at least I know there is a trailer. Watch it. (Gah, I haven’t watched this trailer either before I wrote about it … what’s the matter with me?)

"Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari"

"Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari"

Source: Anime News Network

Astro Boy movie teaser is finally out

21 11 2008

Yes, it’s true. Although … Yes, it is! Watch the new Astro Boy Hollywood movie teaser or download it here and then … I don’t have an opinion because I haven’t watched it yet.

Astro Boy is waving!

Astro Boy is waving!

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