Six more shows on Crunchyroll

9 01 2009

Okay then, now starts the before promised parade of Japan-related news and first up – embrace yourself – we have Crunchyroll! That’s right, yet another news post about Crunchyroll…

"Six more shows, you say?"

"Six more shows, you say?"

Starting yesterday, Crunchyroll have been streaming “simulcasts” of several anime shows to those who have purchased the Anime Membership, but that’s not all; several other shows are going to be streamed as simulcasts as the year progresses – and the list of shows that are coming to Crunchyroll is growing still! Just this week, six shows have sneaked their way into the Crunchyroll program lineup, although they are not to be simulcast since they have all already finished. The newly acquired titles are Gonzo’s Chrno Crusade, Kaleido Star, Last Exile and Peacemaker Kurogane and Toei Animation’s Galaxy Express 999 and Space Pirate Captain Harlock. I would be very excited since I have long wanted to watch Chrno Crusade and Last Exile, but unfortunately, neither of these six shows will be available to Europe. Well, since not many (or any?) shows that are currently in CR’s program lineup is available to those in Japan either, it wouldn’t really make a difference if I was a few years older and had moved to Japan already – because that’s definitely where I’m going in a few years. Anyway, enjoy living in the right regions (if you do), you lucky bastard and see you later!

I wonder where their going without me.

I wonder where their going... without me.

Source: Crunchyroll via AnimeNation1 2


New One Piece movie to celebrate anime’s 10th anniversary

2 01 2009

Two years after Shueisha’s celebration of Eiichiro Oda’s pirate manga One Piece‘s ANN1 ANN2 10th anniversary it’s Toei Animation’s turn to celebrate the anime’s 10th anniversary by releasing a tenth theatrical movie, aptly named One Piece 10th, 2009. All the previous One Piece movies have premiered in Japanese theatres in early March every year during spring break in Japan; however, I could not find a set date for One Piece 10th to premiere.

According to a research by Oricon, One Piece was the most popular manga of 2008

According to a research by Oricon, One Piece was the most popular manga of 2008!