English version of Da Capo is officially out

24 01 2009

The bishoujo visual novel Da Capo, supposedly an eroge, has gotten an offical English version that is out already. If it’s an eroge I’m not interested, but if not the title “Da Capo” is something I want in my bookshelf – although, it probably is an eroge. Check out the English site and read up on the story of the game (and find out if it contains hentai or not) and/or buy the game at MangaGamer.

Okay, Da Capo definitely is an eroge...

Okay, Da Capo definitely is an eroge...

Source: Sankaku Complex (I should’ve known from the source)


Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE

14 01 2009

Well, I was going to write about this earlier when I found out, but… I was too lazy, that’s it. Anyway, here it is!

You may be very familiar with Megami Tensei, or MegaTen, and may not. The soon two year old MMORPG based on this franchise called Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE was released for non-Japanese players by Aeria Games on the 31st December, 2008. In the game you play as a “Demon Buster,” or simply a “DB.” The game interface is like a combination of an MMORPG, Visual Novel and even a regular adventure game with a story you actually like to follow. Unlike with many other MMORPGs, I actually find myself reading what NPCs say (at least in the beginning, I might get tired at some point) and checking up on the quests and arcs history and why I’m doing them. If you haven’t got too many other MMORPGs you’re playing already, like me, check MegaTen Online out immediately, like me – it’s really good! I took a lot of pictures earlier, but I won’t post them now… I’m still too lazy. Anyway, if you do check out Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE, go to the game page at Aeria Games’ website, register an account, download and install the game client, and contact me so we can play together. I’m called “Rukishou” since “Yokaze” was already taken.


This is my awesome character! :D

Phantom of Inferno manga 2009

14 12 2008

In the February issue 2009 of Monthly Comic Alive you will be able to read a preview of the new manga adaption of the game Phantom of Inferno drawn by Masaki Hiiragi. The first chapter of the manga will be published within the March issue of the same magazine the same year that will go on sale February 27th. Phantom of Inferno started out as a visual novel by Nitroplus in 2001 (released 2003 in the USA), followed by an OVA aptly named Phantom – The Animation. A new anime seem to be in creation by Bee Train with the name Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~.

Is the Phantom a mafia boss?

Is the Phantom a mafia boss?

Source: Anime News Network