The Lord of the Rings: Conquest playable demo

11 01 2009

So I turned on my Xbox 360, automatically connected to Xbox Live and saw a list of new free-to-download content, one of which were a playable demo of Electronic Arts’ and Pandemic Studios’ coming game The Lord of The Rings: Conquest which I decided to download and check out at a later time. The latter time has come and I’m currently playing through the single-player tutorial stage. So far I have gotten to the second post where I can switch control to scout instead of archer or warrior and I have to say that this looks like a great game, even though it’s based on something else (let’s face facts, the best games out there are games created originally to be just games). If you like strategic games and/or MMORPGs, I definitely think you should check out this game, or at least a demo of it to see if it’s really something for you. Well then, now I’m gonna sneak around with my scout and hopefully get control over a mage quite soon!

Should I get it for the Xbox 360 or the PC? Or the Nintendo DS, maybe?

Should I get it for the Xbox 360 or the PC? Or the Nintendo DS, maybe?

Actually (please read the image caption above), should I even get it at all? I think I’m gonna finish this demo before I decide that, but yeah, it is tempting so far. BTW, The Lord of the Rings: Conquest will be available for the Xbox 360, the PC, the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation 3 as of its release January 16, 2009 – next friday! For you in North America the game will be released this tuesday, January 13.

What where these creatures called? Was it "ent?"

Fear the might of the walking trees!


Naruto: The Broken Bond

5 12 2008

I am very psyched up right now and I won’t right more than a little note. I’VE GOT NARUTO: THE BROKEN BOND! If it’s just half as good as it’s predecessor, Naruto: Rise of a Ninja, then it’s totally worth $80 dollars! Well then, now I’m going to play the game all through the night. I just wish I had a good camera so I could post some nice pics for you…

The Broken Bond...

Can Naruto: The Broken Bond...

...stand up to its predecessor?

...stand up to its predecessor?

EDIT: (Don’t read if you don’t know what happens after the Chuunin exam in the story yet.) After having been to the bathroom, changing pants (after a soda spill accident, not any other kind of accident) and getting some more coke I finally got to insert the game disc and start playing. At the beginning of the game the story takes of right where the story of Rise of a Ninja ended and immediately you enter a fight between the Third Hokage and Orochimaru (with his two summoned companions, the First and Second hokage) where you get to learn the basics of the game controls, followed by a sad sequence where you have to find Sakura and Sasuke (I was looking for Sasuke when I decided to share my thoughts before continuing – I just had to!) to the Sorrow and Sadness soundtrack that, accompanied with the Third’s death, always makes me cry. Waah, poor Sarutobi!

Welcome to the New Xbox Experience

22 11 2008


I recently got home from meeting Hideo Kojima and getting his autograph at Webhallen in Stockholm and guess what’s going on with my Xbox 360? (Of course you do, you’ve all read the title. Right?) I booted my wonderful Xbox 360 console and an update is available. I download it and WOO-HOOOO!! The New Xbox Experience is here, and with it a completely new, fresh dashboard! I haven’t checked it more than what was announced at E3 earlier this year and my Xbox 360 (actually it is my TV screen) currently shows the text “Welcome to the New Xbox Experience!” As soon as I have posted this I will check it out and I will probably spend hours just exploring all the new features as well as creating my own avatar (you know, that new Xbox Mii thing). Now I can’t wait anymore, so I’ll just add some tags and press ‘publish’ and later I will be back with my post about how the earlier mentioned event was and also include some pictures of Hideo Kojima (if I got any good, it was my friend who took the pictures and I still haven’t got them) and my new signed copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 for the Playstation 3 that I do not own yet. Christmas gift, maybe? Gee, I kinda wished my parents were reading this blog …

Can any next gen console stand up against … this?

16 11 2008

G4TV has made a test to see which next gen gaming console is the most … which is able to withstand the destructive powers of the Human Wrecking Balls the longest. (I’m assuming they call themselves the “Human Wrecking Balls,” otherwise let’s pretend it’s written without capitals.) Anyhow, let’s check this out now!

Hmm, I think I just lost a little of my respect for my Xbox 360 …

Get your anime on Xbox Live

14 11 2008

Viz Media has announced that the popular shounen series Bleach and Death Note will be available for purchase on Xbox Live in exchange for Microsoft Points. Every episode goes for 160 points each. Hopefully it will be possible to watch the episodes you purchase directly on your Xbox, otherwise it’s just plain crap. It will probably work though, the problem may be exporting the episodes you purchase to any other device. I don’t know and since I don’t plan to buy any Death Note or Bleach episodes from Xbox Live or even get any Microsoft Points I guess I’ll never know, huh? So far the 41 episodes of Bleach and 37 episodes of Death note (the complete series, unless one or more are specials or something) are available. Maybe this is something for that person who has got 160 Microsoft Points left and nothing else to spend it on, or maybe for that hard-core Bleach or Death Note fan; although I think the episodes are dubbed.

Juss got meself one o’ them Fable twoos.

25 10 2008

That means, I just got myself a copy of Fable II.

Today we all went to IKEA and got some stuff. Then we went to Heron City right next to it and, after, having coffee and coke at Coffee by George, looked at Media Markt. I looked at a few DVD boxes and then checked their games out. Both Infinite Undiscovery (which I’m still really interested in even though everybody says it’s not as good as it could be) and Fable II to had already come out, further confirming how I have access to absolutely no news source for anything while I’m living here. Great! I wanted to get them both, but then I would have no money again, and I want to know I can buy manga for all I have when I want to, so I only got one of them – Fable II! Unfortunately, I don’t have my Xbox 360 here with me, so I can’t play it until after next week when I finally come home. Well well, I’ll just have to suck it up and wait … and do my all to forget about it until I can actually play it.

If you don’t want to wait for me writing about the game next week get it yourself, play it and get your own idea about it or read more on Wikipedia or the official web-page (UK version).

EDIT: If you’re interested to find out more about the game and the making of the game, check out the Lionhead Studios Video Diaries. I have only watched the first video so far, but it’s really interesting, so check it out! After watching the second video I can say that it’s interesting and fun to watch as well. Now I won’t edit this post anymore.