Important note: new site!

26 01 2009

The new site is finally up at and I will eventually stop visiting this site altogether; however, I will write no more posts here. This will be the last post here and the only one this and the new site doesn’t have in common. The new theme I’m using is called “arthemia” and is a blog and magazine hybrid template thingy, and I hope that you like it! It’s a little dull as it is right now, but I will customize it in time. Please click here to register an account for the new site! You don’t have to register to comment, but to do anything else (as well as comment, really) I wish you would.

Thanks for everything! :D

EDIT: I’ve moved everything from this blog, such as comments and more, to the new one, but pageviews have been cleared, but I hope that with your help it won’t matter in a month or two. ^^


This is 夜風記 【よかぜのしるし】!

16 01 2009

That’s rights! Yokaze’s Place 夜風の所, which was never a great name, has now acquired a new title: 「夜風記」. It is pronounced as 「よかぜのしるし」 (not 「よかぜき」), or “yokaze no shirushi,” and literally means “Yokaze’s Narrative,” or “Yokaze’s Chronicle.” The plan was to quit using the service and start using the service instead (the difference is that is restricted and uploaded with “” after whatever you choose to use for your blog’s domain while is less restricted and free as long as you get your web hotel and domain at another front), but there seems to be some problem with connecting to my MySQL database and I did like this for the moment, changing the title and content slightly on this current blog and making a simple redirect from the new domain “” Anyway, this works fine, right? The problem with my database will probably fix itself soon, and otherwise I’ll just contact my web hotel and have them fix whatever the problem actually is and soon I will be able to use more plugins and have much more freedom as a blogger. If you notice the word “Yokaze’s Blog,” 「夜風の所」 or both anywhere on this blog except when written in an older post, please contact me so I can fix this, and if you see it somewhere else at the web, please notify them that the blog has changed title, thank you.


What do you think of my new header? Yes, I love Kannagi. :D

Also, as I said in my previous post, I will be going to Uppsala here in Sweden for my first ever convention UppCon:09 (click here for a translated version) and I won’t be back until Sunday evening. Since I won’t be bringing my new laptop (it is still too new, I can’t take that risk – yes, I’m a worrier about some things) and therefore you won’t be getting any news from me during this weekend and I probably won’t post anything at all until I get home to Stockholm, but this may vary. I gotta get up in less than–three hours? OMFG, I gotta go to bed!!–so see you Sunday, everyone! I don’t have a camera, so I promise I won’t bring lots of pictures back from the convention, but pictures will be available at (click here for a translated version) during the whole weekend. ^^;


8 11 2008

For a very long time I have made several attempts, every time with a new account, on being a serious Gaia Online member because friends asked me to; however, I would never stay there more than a day or two, I just couldn’t. A few weeks ago (has it really gone that long?) I made yet another new attempt (this time as “Kazeoh,” originally “Kazeou” – Rukishou and Yokaze were both taken, probably by my earlier accounts) and after making one of the tabs that come up when opening my web browser I have been able to remember I’m a member there, although I haven’t been really active. Now, though, there is a reason to be more active, and it’s called zOMG! and is a flash – no downloads – MMORPG that is actually quite fun to play – at least here where I can’t play any download-needed games. Read more about zOMG! here, and do join and play with me. No matter how boring I have always thought Gaia Online was, zOMG! is a great way for me to kill time here when I’ve got nothing else to do. The game has justed started up officially so I will consider this a “News” post.

I’m not a Gaia idiot, I’m just an idiot that has found Gaia to be a little more fun than I thought before.