Important note: new site!

26 01 2009

The new site is finally up at and I will eventually stop visiting this site altogether; however, I will write no more posts here. This will be the last post here and the only one this and the new site doesn’t have in common. The new theme I’m using is called “arthemia” and is a blog and magazine hybrid template thingy, and I hope that you like it! It’s a little dull as it is right now, but I will customize it in time. Please click here to register an account for the new site! You don’t have to register to comment, but to do anything else (as well as comment, really) I wish you would.

Thanks for everything! :D

EDIT: I’ve moved everything from this blog, such as comments and more, to the new one, but pageviews have been cleared, but I hope that with your help it won’t matter in a month or two. ^^


UppCon:09, I’m on my way!

14 01 2009

The Swedish convention about Japanese popular culture UppCon is this weekend and I’m going there for my first ever convention experience! I’m hoping and believing that it will be awesome, and hopefully I’ll befriend many more people! If you’re in Sweden and attending, maybe we’ll see each other as well? Read more about UppCon:09 here or here for a translated page.

The UppCon logo in pizza corners.

The UppCon logo in pizza corners.

The UC logo is really alike to a logo I made not too long ago, but because of the similarities I discarded it. Hope I’ll see you there, and tomorrow again here!

P.S. Some time during tomorrow or next week will I be moving my blog to a new location and change name (not to “Yokazeblog”), so be prepared for some changes and please stick with me! :)