YouTube Finds #01: Epona no Uta

24 01 2009

YouTube means YouTube, and #01 means number one – that means a new series of… something? I thought I’d make a little series of blog posts where I post interesting videos I find at YouTube and share them with you guys! So, here’s the first entry: Epona’s Song with lyrics! :O

Epona, Epona~

I think I’m gonna call this little series “YouTube Finds.” Fantasyless and awesome, don’t you think? I promise, I’ll try not to spam this new category!


Suzumiya Haruhi-chan is back!

24 01 2009

The day before Valentine’s Day, Haruhi-chan finally returns – to YouTube! About 22:00 JST (that’s 10 PM in Japanese Standard Time) the channel KADOKAWAanime at YouTube on the 13th February will release the first episode of the new The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya parody online anime, Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu (simply add “-chan” to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and you get The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-chan, or Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu instead of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu… wow, that was long). If you’ve been waiting for more Haruhi Suzumiya, this Valentine will be the best in years! Maybe…



Source: Moon Phase

Japanese YouTube with subtitles? Kadokawa tests new kadoTV

14 01 2009

Kadokawa launches their new kadoTV service in a test stage where they will stream content previously uploaded to their channel at YouTube with subtitles underneath in several languages – even Japanese. Great for those studying both kana, kanji and the language altogether, am I right? Users of the kadoTV service will be able to download and edit subtitles for free; however, I’m not sure if you will be able to upload the altered or completely new subtitles to the site or if you’re legally even allowed to use it for anything after downloading it. The test stage, or maybe “trial version” would fit better, will be available to the public until the end of February. You can also change the language of menus and not much else by clicking “English” accompanied by the american flag to the right of the kadoTV logo at the top of the page, I see now.

Screenshot of the kadoTV site from ANN.

Screenshot of the kadoTV site from ANN.

Source: Anime News Network via AnimeNation

Tamagotchi anime on Youtube

13 12 2008

A Tamagothchi anime you say? But of course! Anything even the least bit successful in the market should have its own anime, right? Actually, there are several anime adaptions of the Tamagotchi franchise (I’ve heard); however the veterans will not be streamed. Streamed? Oh yes, Bandai will stream the latest Tamagatochi anime adaption for free on Youtube in seven different languages – for free, of course! How can they make an anime of Tamagotchi, though…? Isn’t that just taking advantage of customers? Anyway, who am I to judge; if you want to watch the an anime on Youtube (why would you, that’s so fail) about the little critters from the egg watch (yes, “Tamagotchi” is portmanteau of the Japanese word tamago and the English word watch) then just go ahead and do so.

How could the make an anime out of this?

How can you make an anime out of this?

Source: Nikkei Net via Anime News Network and Akaa

The death of Hare Hare Yukai

27 10 2008

I was browsing through YouTube, not trying to find the video 2 girls 1 cup (seriously, don’t watch that one) and I found this video and I sure wasn’t happy about it.

When I tried to embed the YouTube video the site stopped functioning correctly – or at all – so here is a link instead: You can find the higher quality version of the video here (although, is there actually any quality change?).

YouTube goes Swedish!

24 10 2008

This will only be like a little note, because even though I’m Swedish not all of my readers are, and that means it wouldn’t be the nicest thing to just write a loooooooong post about something that really only concerns swedes (that, in this case, don’t know English), and here it is: YoutTe is launching a new Swedish version, with the whole site being available in Swedish language instead except non-swedish comments and user-made info. I don’t really care that much at all, because I don’t need it (I’m as English fluent as Swedish, and still I use in Japanese language for training’s sake), but I though I’d give a hint about it, because even though not all of my readers are Swedish, some are. Happy YouTubing in Swedish, swedes!

Watch the YouTube Sweden launch video and see for yourselves.

Asda Story

11 10 2008

Out of five stars possible, I give Asda Story:

So, yesterday (may have been today, it was probably after midnight) I was looking around for a new MMORPG, and I found Asda Story and I decided to try it out. When the download and installation was finished, though, it was too late and I was repeatedly watching a freaky clip on Youtube (spare me, OCD) and I had to shut down my computer, so I never tried it. I still haven’t tried the game out, but I am going to now and just wanted to leave a note before. I will not make a new entry when I have tried it out, I think, but rather edit this entry and add a review of the game so far. Hopefully it’s a great one that I won’t lose interest in after a day or two!

I have played now for a while. I played until I reached level 11, but I forgot to take any pictures. If I remember I will fix some for you later, if you’re even interested. It’s a typical korean (I think?) MMORPG with a few different faces and jobs and classes, it’s not much new – except the soulmate thing, whatever that is. I still haven’t checked out all the features of the game, just tried the gameplay out a little and grinded. I cannot guaranteee I will play this for more than a few weeks (I’ve still only got enough access two days a week – at weekends – so we’ll see if I won’t forget it altogether) but I will try, and hopefully it will become better and more fun after a while. If you’re interested you can find out more and download the client and register an account at the official web page and play with me (for as long as I keep playing). That’s it for me – for now. *evil laugh*